Thursday, September 10, 2009


The Bauer family has been at the core of GUIDING LIGHT since the radio days and the legacy was felt strongly at this summer's annual Bauer Barbecue when Rick spoke about his grandmother, Bert. The lives of the Bert and Bill's children, Mike and Ed, entertained fans for decades. Their grandchildren Hope, Rick (Freddie) and Michelle carried on the next generation as did great grandson, Alan-Michael. Charita Bauer, who played Bert, died in 1985, which was a huge blow to the show.

Pictured above are Barbara Rodell (Leslie), Don Stewart (Mike), Mart Hulswit (Ed), Theo Getz (Papa) and Charita Bauer (Bert).

Pictured are Theo Goetz (Papa), Robert Gentry (Ed), Ed Bryce (Bill), Charita Bauer (Bert).

Thanks to Rob Wargo for the photos.


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for posting these, Roger! That top photo with Leslie, Mike, Ed, Papa and Bert must be from 1972, close to when Theo Goetz passed away. That is the first time I've ever seen a family photo from the early 1970's - wonderful!

  2. Thanks so much, Roger, for the old pictures of GL. I loved seeing Leslie, Mike, Ed, Papa and Bert. Brings back so many memories. Do you know anyone who has any pictures of Nancy Addison ( Jill, Ryan's Hope) when she played Kit Vestid on GL. She was sensational in that role.

  3. This family of actors shown in the photo - is the GL I fondly remember first watching daily with my mom and up til the time Michael Zaslow left the show due to health reasons. I started watching again when Joan Collins signed on to play Alexandra Spaulding but stop watching not long after Joan left. Marj Dusay was the better Alexandra but certainly not taking anything away from Joan's rendition.

  4. This was actually around 1970, and that set was Leslie's apartment before she was married to Mike Bauer. Barbara Roddell had stepped into the role about the time of the Stanley Norris murder. I remember thinking that when I saw that apartment watching the show, how plain it was. But GL never has had the best sets. But, they did have great stories, and rich characters, once upon a time. Who knew that in 1984, every layer and every rich character would be forsaken. Never did I imagine The Guiding Light with the Bauers, especially Bert, at the forefront. Such a shame, but great memories.

  5. Isn't strange that Charita Bauer is without a leg in that picture? I thought she lost it some years later!!!