Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We Love Soaps Radio: Episode #8

On Episode #8 of “We Love Soaps Radio,” Newcomb and Jacobs welcome Soap Opera Weekly’s Mala Bhattacharjee and share their thoughts on the latest hot topics and news from around the soap world.

Episode #8 includes:
- An in depth look at diversity in daytime.

- GUIDING LIGHT’s Younger Actor nominee E.J. Bonilla (Rafe) talks about his Daytime Emmy plans.

- RUBY AND THE ROCKITS' Alexa Vega and Austin Butler discuss the Cassidy brothers (Shaun and David).

- Hot topics from all the daytime soaps including:
    * Brian Frons’ comments on GUIDING LIGHT
    * The Lucas-Maggie confrontation on DAYS OF OUR LIVES
    * Vets are back on AS THE WORLD TURNS
    * Zapato’s funeral on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
    * Jason and Sam on GENERAL HOSPITAL
    * Crystal Chappell's hidden talent
    * Why THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL holds onto the number two spot in the Nielsen ratings



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  1. I enjoyed hearing the discussion of the lack of diversity in soaps. I think One Life to Live is definitely the standard for diversity in daytime right now and everyone could stand to do better.

    That said, while I appreciate Mala's sentiments here and her regular columns in SOW, I wish more people would acknowledge that soap magazines are part of the problem too. We get a rotation of Sharon/Nick/Phyllis and Jason/Carly/Sonny covers and cast members of color are rarely, if ever featured.

    I definitely agree with your perspectives on Brian Frons--I felt like he was being disrespectful and that the pot ought not be calling the kettle black. From a business perspective, why would you alienate a fanbase who will, come September, be looking for something else to watch?

    It continues to mystify me that B&B is among the top rated soaps. I have no idea.

  2. Another great podcast! Mala did a great job filling in for Mikey. I hope she comes back next week as well.

    Thanks again for the mention on the podcast. It means a lot to me. You guys could just as easily have said "a fan asked the following question" and leave it at that. The fact that you go the extra mile to mention me by name is awesome and makes me feel like a member of the WLS family.

    You guys rock!

  3. I absolutely LOVED this episode! I've already listened to it 4 times between my morning lab work and 1 hr trek each way to work, and I enjoyed it just as much every single time! Regarding Moday's episode of GL...I just got around to editing it on my DVD Recorder and I ended up keeping 30minutes of it! To me, that is such a sentiment to just how good that episode was. At the moment, I watch GL, Y&R, OLTL and sometimes Days (I've watched them all on a reg. basis at one time or another), but after this week I don't think I'm going to be able to vote in your great "Best Soap of the Week" poll because I can't choose between the 3 this week.