Friday, August 21, 2009

SNEAK PEAK: ATWT's Noah to Meet Jude Law

In a preview of Monday's AS THE WORLD TURNS, Mason tells Noah that he managed to get Jude Law his script and he wants to meet with him tomorrow morning in Los Angeles. That just happens to be day of Noah's boyfriend's father's funeral. If Noah actually leaves town for this, it would rank right up there with Natalia's pregnancy and subsequent leaving town with no word to Olivia on GUIDING LIGHT as indefensible choices by the writers. Is it too much to ask that things actually make sense? Jude Law is going to meet with unknown Noah from Oakdale about a script he's barely started? And it happens to be on the morning of Holden's funeral? And he will actually leave Luke and go? This scene feels like a soap spoof similar to the old GUIDING PLIGHT episodes.

When story twists border on such out of character ridiculousness and have such unrealistic plot points, it turns off longtime fans and potential news fans as well. This is why daytime soaps get a bad rap. I will hold out hope it doesn't turn out the way it seems because surely no one could think this was a good idea. And if it does, there had better be a Jude Law cameo next week.


  1. Whoever wrote this needs to be fired
    Honestly everyone here looks bored. its so plot driven. There is no chemistry between Noah and Mason. Drop it already. sorry Forbes March but this is more of a dud then your turn as Scott Chandler on All My Children.

    ATWT needs to take a page from OLTL and write a love story. thats what we want here. Write a love story. Not their gay so lets give them a gay story. Please. Love is Love it knows no sexuality.

  2. "Is it too much to ask that things actually make sense?"

    a rhetorical question?

  3. No, Lynn, I really want the answer! :)

    It's so hard to watch our beloved soaps go away not at their best. ATWT has shown signs of improvement but the island story telling and ridiculous twists and lack of Harding Lemay's famous WHY still makes it hard to take sometimes.

  4. I don't know if Harding has any desire to write for a soap again at this stage of his life, but I wish a soap was smart enough to try to coax him into doing so. Now there's someone who was great at character driven storytelling!

  5. harding lemay? why not claire labine? or nancy curlee demorest?

    here's what she said when asked about the possibility of returning to daytime: "Friends who are still involved assure me that I would lose my mind in the current scene."

    i say this not as an apologist for for jean passassanante, but the reality is that this disconnected, illogical storytelling has more to do with what's being imposed upon soap writers than any individual writer.

  6. All I could do was laugh at it. IT WAS SO BAD.

    I posted it on the gays of daytime blog this morning for our readers - without comment cause I mean, really what can you say about it that isn't a bunch of 4 letter words or laughing? - but I can't believe someone thought that dialogue was a good idea.

    I don't get it. The show has been improving overall for a while but the Noah/Luke storyline is still written as a hot mess. WTF?

  7. I'm not liking where this is going... talk about being out of character... pfft... It's like Steve cheating in the SATC movie all over again.

  8. Does ATWT have any gay writers who give input on the Luke and Noah storyline?

  9. @ soapfan78:

    I don't really think it would matter. I mean, love is love, there's no difference is love of Luke and Noah and the love between, let's say, Tom and Margo. Or at least, there shouldn't be a difference. The fact that there is a difference makes is sooooo bad.