Saturday, August 8, 2009

News Round-up: Schmidt, CW, Kish, Otalia, Herring

Kevin G. Schmidt to star in new Cartoon Network show
Cartoon Network continues to forget their name, this time developing a new live-action hour-long drama aimed at teens. The story features Kevin G. Schmidt as the son of globe-trotting anthropologists who has trouble when he stops traveling and starts attending high school. The show, UNNATURAL HISTORY will also star Jordan Gavaris and Italia Ricci. Schmidt's web seires POOR PAUL will also be going for a second season, though its presumed his role on daytime THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS will end.

Gold Standard, Heartbroken Leading Men
Tommy Garrett's "Gold Standard" goes this week to Y&R's Eric Braeden and Doug Davidson.

The CW isn't shy about sinking teeth into a girly audience
For whatever reason, the majority of TV critics assembled for the annual network season unveilings here seem skeptical about the CW's plan to position itself as the femme-centric network for young babes. The Gossip Girl network, is expanding its IM'ing, OMG'ing and vampire-adoring brand this year, going full-steam into age 18-35 female mode. Or younger.

Stations Grapple With Internet-Advertising Pipe
At the same time that standard-definition syndicated delivery services are being overhauled in favor of new high-definition systems, local broadcasters are increasingly contending with a new delivery method for commercials. The television industry's broad shift over the past decade from tape-based ingest, storage and playback to file-based, server-centric operations has paved the way for advertisers to deliver commercials as files over the public Internet, either on their own by using basic FTP (file-transfer protocol) technology or through third-party firms.

Deep Soap: No Big Deal
Sara Bibel writes: "Daytime has given us sensitive gay teens tentatively venturing out of the closet, gay couples who never touch, lesbians who kiss men, a gay man who faked his own death because he was afraid to come out of the closet, and a straight man who sleeps with a gay man to manipulate him. With the story of Kyle and Fish ONE LIFE TO LIVE has created an interesting love story with flawed, realistic characters who happen to be gay. It’s about time."

"Daytime used to distinguish itself by doing social issue stories on the mentally ill. How times have changed! How revolting it is yet again to see a network’s misogyny on display."

Otalia in Belgium newspaper De Standaard
The Big Purple Dreamers have done it again, managing to get an article posted in De Standaard in Belgium. Here's a translated (thanks Kalea) excerpt:
Since the cancellation was announced, GUIDING LIGHT has become very popular again, especially on the world wide web. Cause of this commotion is the storyline involving Olivia Spencer (brought to life by Crystal Chappell) and Natalia Rivera (Jessica Leccia). These two women became involved in each other's lives when Olivia tried to steal away Natalia's husband Gus. Olivia had a heart condition and when Gus died in a traffic accident, Natalia decided to give his heart to her rival and save her life.

Cady McClain wants you to make new soap fans
"I would suggest to everyone who loves soap operas to try to convince just one other person to watch WITH you. Someone who may not be initially inclined. See if you can convince them to get involved and let TPTB know that you made a new viewer. Then ask that person to recruit someone else, and so on. I think this may be the only way daytime survives- that the audience has to take the matter into their own hands and fight, not only for the story or the characters, but for what really keeps these shows on the air- the ratings."

ATWT's Lynn Herring on "BuzzWorthy Radio" and "Brandon's Buzz"
Herring appeared on "Brandon's Buzz" and "BuzzWorthy Radio" on Friday morning.


  1. Although I applaud Cady for her idea the issue isn't the lack of "grass rooting" of daytime tv (look at the Otalia fandom as a great example of that). The real issue is until TV forces the ratings system to be overhauled no amount of 'tell a friend' will work unless said friend has a handy little tv diary in their house.

  2. 1. Congrats to Schmidt. He's on recurring at Y&R, so why shouldn't he grab the chance for a contract role? The kid's no fool. He stands a better chance of building a long term career as an actor by getting success outside soaps given the problems affecting daytime.

    Time for Noah to head to boarding school!

    2. Cady is great.

  3. Roger, I have to ask.
    the Gold Standard, what is it? Is it some kind of joke because he only picks actors from Y&R and B&B and the articles are usually the biggest pieces of sucking up I have ever read.