Sunday, August 23, 2009

News Round-up: Fulton, Bivans, Depp, MacKenzie

INTERVIEW: ATWT's Eileen Fulton (Lisa)
"I enjoy cabaret so much. I am happy to tell you that after I return from my cruise on the Queen Elizabeth II that I will be going nonstop here and also hoping to work on the show [“ATWT”] as well. I love the live audience. They are so inspiring. When you get the immediate gratification you know that you are giving people entertainment. It’s much different than soap opera work where it may take a few weeks to get the letter about a scene that you did and almost forgot about."

Aggie MacKenzie eyes CORRIE cameo
Aggie MacKenzie has revealed that she would like an acting part in CORONATION STREET. The 53-year-old star has co-hosted HOW CLEAN IS YOUR HOUSE? with Kim Woodburn since 2003. She told Now: "I wouldn’t mind a little cameo in Coronation Street. I haven’t got the right accent, but maybe I could be the visiting auntie from Scotland."

Johnny Depp to star as lovelorn vampire in Dark Shadows film
"I was obsessed with the character as a child. It triggered my earliest desire to become an actor," the Daily Express quoted him as saying.

Dog Days for Network Marketers
While the broadcast networks come off their worst summer tune-in on record, the marketing executives charged with promoting the fall are facing some of the most grueling circumstances ever in which to launch a new season.

Rick Springfield waking up in Michigan City for 60th birthday
Springfield performed a sold-out concert last night at the Stardust Events Center at Blue Chip Casino and Hotel in Michigan City

On the horizon, The 2nd Annual Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise Nov. 12-16 on the Carnival Destiny Ship, featuring special guests singer Richard Marx and radio personality Mark Goodman and soap stars Doug Davidson (Paul, Y&R) and Brandon Barash (Johnny, GH).

Jack Bivans, 1925-2009; radio voice on GUIDING LIGHT
Jack Bivans' voice was a staple of radio in old-time programs like "Captain Midnight," "Guiding Light," and "The Shadow." "It was his whole life," Paul Bivans said of his father's passion for acting. "He never made the transition as an actor from radio to TV or movies, but he really saw himself being a Hollywood actor." Mr. Bivans, 83, died of causes related to a stroke on Friday, Aug. 14, in a nursing home in Elkhorn, Wis., his son said.


  1. So Bob has dementia (according to the Eileen Fulton piece).....hmmm.

    I'd love that storyline a little more if it wasn't so similar to the McCluskey story.

  2. Patrick,

    Ditto. ATWT handled dementia/Alzheimer's well. Why go down this with a legacy character?

    Also, it's a shame that ATWT can't create a decent, exciting story for Eileen Fulton. Y&R makes 80-year-old Jeanne Cooper a front burner star with major stories every year.

    Why can't ATWT do the same for Fulton? B&B does so for Stephenie and Eric.