Tuesday, August 25, 2009

News Round-up: Chappell, Smith, Sweeney, WWE

Aaron D. Spears joins B&B
Aaron D. Spears has joined the cast of BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL in the contract role of Justin Barber. His first airdate is Monday, Sept. 14. Justin is the executive vice president of Spencer Publications and long-time friend and right-hand-man to the company's President, Bill Spencer, Jr. Speculation is that Justin will be the father of Marcus.

Soap operas provide comfort during peace and war
Donna Teresa of the Monterey County Herald writes: "Soap operas are certainly not everyone's favorite thing to watch, but they have stood the test of time with us during the most difficult times in our nation's history. It may be just dramatic fiction, but these serials have provided a welcome escape through tough times."

Otalia: GUIDING LIGHT Lesbian Couple Sparks Web Series After Soap's Cancellation
The New York Times story on Crystal Chappell and VENICE is being syndicated around the world today including on the Huffington Post.

"Given Ms. Chappell’s tweets about her fondness for Red Bull (by day) and Grey Goose vodka (by night), would either company sponsor VENICE in return for her endorsement? The courtship, at least, seems to have begun. 'Red Bull actually sent me some cases,' she said with a smile. 'I’m still working on Goose.'"

Web Helps Soap Actress Beat System, Fulfill Lesbian Kiss
Gawker's Andrew Belonsky writes: "Like all entertainment lands, the make believe world of soap operas are populated mostly by straight couples, which means that gay couples almost automatically make an impact with viewers, especially among the lavender set. Therefore, it's no surprise that actresses Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia became super popular with the gays."

Detroiter Cornelius Smith, Jr. up for daytime Emmy
The 27-year-old Cass Tech graduate earned a nomination a few weeks back for outstanding younger actor in a drama series for his role as Frankie Hubbard on ABC's ALL MY CHILDREN. He'll find out whether he's hit the jackpot Sunday during "The 36th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards." The show will be broadcast live from L.A. on the CW beginning at 8pm ET.

Hefty is 'in' and drawing ratings
"It strikes at the heart of the human spirit," said DAYS star and BIGGEST LOSER host Alison Sweeney, who has had her own public battle with weight. "You see people being able to overcome this obstacle that seems insurmountable. Miracles can happen."

Friends pay tribute to EASTENDERS star's dad found hanged in Brighton
EASTENDERS actress Samantha Janus’s father was heartbroken in the weeks before he took his own life, friends said yesterday. Noel Janes had spoken publicly about his dismay that the TV star’s family had not been included when photographs of her wedding were published in a magazine in May.

Vince McMahon Wants to Start a WWE Cable Network in the Next Two Years
Vince McMahon says he wants his World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. to start its own cable network within two years, reports Joe Flint of the Los Angeles Times' Company Town blog. McMahon said that he will propose that cable companies carry it on the hard-to-crack basic tier, where more people could see it.


  1. I am so impressed by Crystal Chappell. She truly is the smartest woman in daytime right now! Yes, the fanboy is coming out in me :)

  2. Well you guys discussed on last week's podcast, the lack of diversity on B&B. Well we'll see how long Marcus' father remains on the canvas.

    And Mikey...Crystal already said no, she will not marry you. You can stop the gushing. LOL!

  3. Did anyone else notice his last name is "Barber"? The same last name as Drucilla and Olivia Barber of Y&R?

    Hopefully, Justin Barber will have a family. A wife and daughter would be great.