The Latest Soap Videos: Erica, CBS, Ciara, Dom

Here are some of the latest soap videos to hit the web.

DANCING WITH THE STARS: Friday's ALL MY CHILDREN ended with an Erica and Ryan dance.

CBS STUDIOS: Cyrus and Buzz ended up at CBS in Manhattan on Friday's GUIDING LIGHT (where the show was taped until August 10). Buzz even asked about Carly on AS THE WORLD TURNS and was informed the show tapes in Brooklyn.

CIARA: Bo had a vision of searching for his daughter on Friday's DAYS OF OUR LIVES and later found her bear on the ground just like his vision.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Dom went to Olivia to berate her for interfering with his work on Friday's episode but she refused to back down.


  1. Okay, I know I'm being nitpicky here. But I didn't like Buzz asking about Carly on ATWT. GL and ATWT are supposed to be in the same soapverse. I enjoyed it when Doris mentioned to Olivia about possibly running for mayor of Oakdale. So to have Buzz talk about ATWT as a real soap that exists in their world, just ruined the relationship that exists between Springfield and Oakdale.

  2. Marc, and Carly on ATWT was about to marry Craig when she left who is Tom's brother-in-law. Deas is my favorite Tom on ATWT.