The Latest in Soap Videos: Otalia, Chance, Kish, Sal

Here are some of the latest soap videos to hit the web.

OTALIA: Natalia explained to Olivia on Tuesday's GUIDING LIGHT that she wanted to be with her and raise her baby with her, but Olivia told her she didn't trust her (then jumped Josh's bones).

THE DATE: Chance and Chloe went on a date on Tuesday's THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

KISH & NICK: Fish was jealous on Tuesday's ONE LIFE TO LIVE when he saw Kyle talking to Nick.

MAD MEN: Sal got an unexpected response from the bellhop sent to fix his AC while on a business trip on Sunday's episode.

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  1. I have never watched Mad Men. When I heard about this scene with Sal and the bellhop, curiousity got the better of me. I had to check it out. Well, I'm hooked. I'll be watching Mad Men this season just to see where this storyline with Sal will go.

    What did everyone else think of this scene and the potential for this storyline?