Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Latest in Soap Tweets: AMC Moving to Glassell Park

Here are some reactions from Twitter on the announcement that ALL MY CHILDREN would be moving to Los Angeles, and ONE LIFE TO LIVE was moving to the AMC studio. Los Angeles City Council president Eric Garcetti said AMC will be shot in the city's Glassell Park neighborhood.

@ericgarcetti (Eric Garcetti) All My Children coming back to LA! We have been working hard to bring production back & this is great. It will be in CD13-Glassell Park!

@krisalderson (Kristen Alderson) I can't imagine what it's like for everyone at AMC to hear that they have to move to LA in December or they're out of a job. SO SCARY! but I hope it's a positive move for all of them! Everything happens for a reason. I'm glad we aren't moving to LA but moving down the street. even moving down the street, we might lose people in our crew. I really hope we don't or it's going to be SOOO SAD!!

@MicheleValJean (Michele Val Jean) Must say - glad to see ABC thinking outside the cancellation box.

@Chrishell7 (Chrishell Stause) They just confirmed AMC is moving to LA-private cast meeting starting now.

@edenriegel (Eden Riegel) Amazing news! AMC moving to LA!!! Can't wait! But, I am concerned this means makeup/hair/wardrobe depts will change. :(

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  1. Glassell Park? does that mean they will have outside locations or is that were they are building permanent sets? P.S. Just read Robin Strasser resigned thank god!

  2. Wow Roger! Thanks for posting! I can't believe it's happening. I hope this move results in nothing but positive things for AMC & OLTL. I guess only time will tell. Can't wait to hear who is going to LA and who is not.