Monday, August 31, 2009

Daytime Emmy Fashion & Best Dressed List

Despite the sweltering heat of downtown Los Angeles, the daytime community donned their evening dresses, gowns and tuxes and made their way down the red carpet of the Daytime Emmy Awards on Sunday. Dozens of stars stopped to talk to We Love Soaps along the way. We'll be posting an Emmy Wrap Video Podcast on Wednesday from Venice Beach which will include a segment with the locals and some tourists from the home of Crystal Chappell's new web series.

There was a lot of fabulous fashion this year but I have narrowed my best dressed list down to ten (okay, eleven).

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1. Nadia Bjorlin - She has to be the most beautiful woman in the planet. Bjorlin and Brandom Beemer are so beautiful in person they don't even seem human. A+ all around.
2. Noelle Beck - She's an angel on the inside and a true beauty on the outside. She was rockin' a hot blue dress.
3. Susan Lucci - She may not alway be the best but the elegant Lucci is always near the top.
4. Van Hansis - Loved the jacket and hair and we didn't get a good picture of this but have some great video (coming soon).
5. Lesli Kay - I wasn't sure if I loved or hated her white gown at first, but settled on love.
6. Elizabeth Hendrickson - It was funky and different and somebody had to shake this event up.
7. Tamara Braun - I think she is getting more beautiful every year.
8. Sarah Brown - All the former Carlys were looking hot on Sunday.
9. Bobbie Eakes - She looked like she was ready for a party and that's what this event is all about.
10 (tie). Marcy Rylan - Anyone who can look that good just weeks before her baby is born is a winner with me. And her finace Don Money looked incredibly handsome as well.
10 (tie). Taylor Spreitler - She would have been higher but she left her beautiful dog, Pearl, at home! Spreitler is a future superstar.

Honorable Mentions:
Most Practical: Judith Chapman. I wouldn't normally like this ensemble but it was perfect for 100 degree weather.
Best Old School County Hairdo: Julie Berman. She looked like the love child of classic Dolly Parton and Tammy Wynette. And that is just fine!
Most Colorful: Tonya Lee Williams. I wouldn't wear this dress but Tonya is hot enough to pull it off.
Best Comeback: Brenda Dickson. It doesn't matter what she was wearing. It's Brenda Dickson!
Best Date: Stacy Haiduk. Stacy and Kitty stole the show on the red carpet.
Most Classic Beauty (tie): Suzanne Rogers and Colleen Zenk Pinter never age. Class acts all the way.

Who did you like?


  1. Hands down, Julie Pinson had the best shoes! Her hot pink high heels were super cute.

  2. Brenda Dickson still has the va-voom! B&B should hire her as Sally Spectra's sister!!

  3. Nadia Bjorlin was the best out of everyone there. she looked stunning.

    Katherine Kelly Lang looked very good. the blonde hair + the gleam of the dress was perfect.

    Elizabeth Hendrickson's outfit was a nice change from the rest of the lengthy outfits. She looked cute and fun in it.

  4. Taylor Spreitler was stunning! Lovely fuscia gown with just the right touch of bling in accessories. Hair and makeup always perfect. Just a beautiful young lady with loads of talent. You would have never known the heat out on the red carpet was so unbearable when looking at !