Friday, August 14, 2009

Brian Frons on GUIDING LIGHT's Cancellation

In a story published Friday, The Wall Street Journal asked Brian Frons, president of daytime for Disney-ABC television group, about the cancellation of GUIDING LIGHT. His answers indicate a very nonchalant attitude about the situation.

WSJ: Is there much industry nostalgia for the legacy of GUIDING LIGHT?

It was actually my first creative executive job, from 1979 to 1983. That was a great time for soaps. This was when the Rider case was in the news, one of the first times a woman sued her husband for rape, and we introduced a story to touch upon that. Television is a today business. From an ad sales perspective, GUIDING LIGHT hasn’t won the 18-49 women since 1991.

So it’s not a big deal that GUIDING LIGHT is ending?

We’ve gotten used to soaps lasting so many years, the death of one takes on all this drama. But GUIDING LIGHT has been a poor performer for many many years.

What about personally for you? It’s kind of like your old high school being demolished, no?

No. It’s taking a patient off life support, not a sudden tragic death in the family or anything. I was sadder when I heard about production changes, lots of technical behind-the-scenes stuff that starts to affect talent and quality.

Read the entire interview here.


  1. These comments confirm what we have known--what Soapnet demonstrates on a daily basis. Frons has NO nostalgia. It is all about the 18-49 rating. Period.

    Maybe that is healthy and progressive?

    It helps explain a lot of what is going on at ABC/Soapnet these days.

  2. Wow! I don't know what to say. I'm speechless. I can't believe how cold his comments are.

  3. I'm often amazed at what comes out of the mouth of Brian Frons.But I guess I shouldn't expect anything more.

    What a piece of work he is.But who should be shocked?Look at the State of ABC soaps.

  4. I'm sorry, but Brian Frons is without a doubt one of the biggest a**clowns in daytime television. No regard for the GL cast/crew/support staff who lost their jobs, not even an ounce of remorse over the loss of the show that started it all (and in essence got him to the position he's currently in). Absolutely no regard to the history of the genre or the shows involved... And what is with that man's fascination with rape?

    This man has got to be, without a doubt, the worst interview in daytime television... with the possible exception of Charles Pratt. Isn't this the same man who said viewers don't really know what they like and could be trained by him and those who do?

    This man is the reason why AMC or GH could very well be the next show canceled...

  5. The man has no heart. This once again proves it as fact. I don't watch ABC anymore in large part because of Frons. Now he has to give his thoughts on the one soap I actually do watch. Hey Frons, Satan's calling, and he'd like for you to come home.

    (Sorry about the last part Roger, but that man infuriates me)

  6. Frons is a pompous jackass and I swear if anyone proclaims him to be "a goddess" my head will explode.

  7. Just goes to show what soulless idiots are in charge of soaps these days. Heart is essential to good soap and heartless jerks can't produce successful soaps. That is the reason soaps are dying. He can't even pretend to care.

  8. Why does he have his job still????

    Because the stuff he is saying is exactly what corporate types want to hear!

  9. The real question that should have been posed to that idiot is why are the ABC soaps performing so poorly, especially General Hospital?? Answer me that. I found an interesting article online, its worth a read.

  10. His insensitivity and callous tone is astounding. Does the man not realize that people are really hurting over this? I don't think he knows, or cares, and that's just a sad reflection of ABC Daytime and Disney.

  11. Wow. Just wow. How does this rude, disrespectful man keep his job?
    No wonder ABC Daytime and SoapNet are in shambles.

  12. Damon has hit the nail on the head, in a way.

    The callousness you hear is precisely because the emotions of the audience are irrelevant. (If they weren't, why would GH be in the state it is in).

    The SOLE factor of relevance is the number of 18-49 women you get. It doesn't matter if they LIKE they shows. It doesn't even really matter if they stick around.

    All of this highlights the idea that Mr. Frons MAY be a competent fiscal executive. It suggests that those who hope their soaps are stewarded by respectful souls who also care about sustaining the genre...well, they SURELY shouldn't be seeking that at ABC/D

  13. Wow. I guess this is why I haven't watched an ABC soap for a long time, and they only thing I watch on SoapNet is Y&R.
    What an asshat.

  14. He seems pretty broken up about the whole thing...

    I knew as soon as I read his comments that this would get a large response.

  15. This from a man who knows how to ruin a good soap and the wonderful characters in them and then blame it on the actress. The man should be removed from this industry. It's bad enough the soap genre is on it's last legs and he is one of the big reasons why.

    I no longer watch any ABC soaps and I had watched them for over 30 years.

  16. Mark I agree, he knows how to play the game to pay the bills. The GL comments--coming from a viewer who has watched for much longer than 6 months, I kind of agree with what he said.

  17. This GL viewer suggests that the idiot, Brian Frons, restricts his comments to the three soaps on his network which are all cratering in the Nielson ratings.

    I've been a CBS daytime viewer for almost 30 years and am now boycotting all programming on the Crap Broadcasting System (except GL). After Sept. 18th I was going to try OLTL until I read these comments from lunatic Frons. I won't waste my time, I'll be watching cable only on daytime now, and it won't be Soapnet.

  18. Frons is a moron. Don't worry though, buddy. Your ABC soaps are approaching cancellation ratings. I used to love GH and OLTL till this man destroyed it by skanking up both shows. I'm in my 20's and I'm not likely to watch any ABC Daytime shows because of this man.