Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The ATWT Emmy Winner That "Should" Return

With some of the recent visits by former AS THE WORLD TURNS actors announced, I started thinking about which former actors I would like to see return. Th one former star I would rather see more than anyone is Larry Bryggman. Bryggman's John Dixon was at the center of Oakdale for 35 years and crossed into so many different stories over the years. The fact that the soap allowed John to just disappear without even a goodbye was a real travesty.

If ATWT is in its final year, and other fan favorites are returning, it is time to fix one of the worst mistakes the show has ever made. Bring back John Dixon!

John had eight wives during his run on ATWT including Kim, Barbara, Lucinda and Carly who are all still on the show. He has also romanced Emma, Barbara and Susan. He could return to Oakdale as if he never left. If something is wrong with both Bob and Kim, who better to be in the middle of the story to manipulate hospital business? John is also Margo's father and Dusty's adoptive father, and his son M.J. is the best candidate for SORASing to be added to the teen scene that this show has.

Bryggman is the best actor who ever appeared on AS THE WORLD TURNS. Period.

ATWT, please make it happen!


  1. Larry Bryggman AND Patricia Bruder. Larry is iconic; Patricia is missed and has one granddaughter (Emily), one great-granddaughter (Allison), one great-grandson (Hunter), one nemisis (Susan) and best friends (Nancy, Kim, Bob). Now that the Stewarts are played as Hughes-enemies, it would be interesting to see how Ellen Stewart would be portrayed - friend or foe of the Hughes'.

  2. Roger, if only they'd reveal that Matt is MJ, that would be great.

    Though that may be a moot point now if Eric William Morris isn't around - and with the Riley-is-really-Adam story.

  3. Poor Margo. If this same thing happened again with her brother, she may flip out like she did when Alec Wallace died. Let's just hope she doesn't see Michael Woods while he's in town. LOL

  4. Bryggman is responsible for one of ATWT's most unforgettable scenes - in which John and Barbara's prematurely born son Johnny dies as John rocks the baby to sleep. No dialogue, Bryggman alone on camera. Stunning.

    Comparable to the GH moment, I think, when Felicia says "Not Barbara Jean..."

  5. Yes, Roger. I think the show has suffered over the past few years for not having John Dixon on the show. That was the first mistake that Goutman made.

  6. I think about what Oakdale would be like with John (and Andy!) every day. John should be back TODAY! With Andy! And with Hope, who would be Faith's age.

  7. I would so love to see Larry Bryggman come back. I know he does a lot of theater, but if he was available this show's ratings would go nuts. The man is simply amazing!!!