Saturday, July 18, 2009

Y&R CLASSIC CLIP: Nina's First Baby

In 2000 on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, Nina was writing a novel about the time Rose DeVille stole her first baby when she flashed back to that ordeal. It's great to see a young Nina, Cricket in disguise and the wonderful Darlene Conley in this clip. Will Nina's first son ever return? He was born August 1, 1986, on the show so with SORASing he's probably older than Nina by now! The child and the child's father could be fascinating twists written in someday.


  1. Y&R hasn't used flashback effectively to reestablish Nina and Phillip's relationship or Phillip's relationships with Jill and Kay well.

    I'm shocked because since all of the actors are the original players, it would make perfect sense.

  2. Oh Tricia Cast, I love you. But please, please, please, Cane better not be your long lost son lol

  3. Michael - I was thinking the exact same thing!
    Although, if Cane and Phillip III are supposed to be the same age, and PIII was Nina's husband, then I doubt even Y&R could pull that one off.
    All that aside, I am LOVING Tricia Cast's return as Nina and this clip with Darlene Connelly is awesome!

  4. Once again Y&R has a goldmine of history waiting to be tapped and the original actress there to do the role. I remember this storyline so well. I had just turned 16.