Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We Love Soaps Radio: Episode #5

On Episode #5 of "We Love Soaps Radio," Newcomb, Jacobs and Goldberg share their thoughts on the latest hot topics and news from around the soap world and welcome very special guest Jim Romanovich to discuss this year's Daytime Emmy telecast.

Episode #5 includes:
- ATI president of Worldwide Media and Entertainment Jim Romanovich shares the latest on the Daytime Emmy telecast including host Vanessa Williams' two production numbers, why The CW was the perfect network for the show, how the IMAGINARY BITCHES may be live on the red carpet and much, much more.

- Hot topics from all the daytime soaps including the addition of Louise Sorel and Lindsay Hartley to DAYS OF OUR LIVES, the annoying Meg Snyder on AS THE WORLD TURNS and the disgusting Deacon-Amber sex on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

- CHICAGO TO CORONADO's ingenious appearance at Comic-Con is highlighted in our "Indie Soap Beat" segment.


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  1. I've enjoyed all of your Radio Episodes so far. Kudos to you for doing them and for promoting online soaps which I think is also the wave of the future.

    Jim Romanovich's interview drives me slightly crazy. He's pushing the great Youth Movement on the soaps; but it's all the youth on the soaps which is why I'm not all that motivated to watch the Emmys. All the older actors I loved to watch are going, gone or have no storylines.

  2. Laurie, I would just suggest staying tuned. My interview was around 90 minutes so I couldn't air it all on the podcast but will post more later. Jim talked at length about his love for soaps having watched for 30 years now and he's probably one of the biggest Tristan Rogers fans and really respects the history of the genre. Lucci, Geary and others will have a part on the telecast. I think as a producer though he has to balance featuring the daytime legends with the young and popular actors as well like Bradford and Kirsten from GH because the ratings are the bottom line.

    I fear that if this Emmy telecast doesn't do well in the ratings, we may not see them on TV again.

    For the first time in many years, I think the production company, ATI, not only wants to put on a good show, but also really respects the daytime shows and their audiences.

  3. I really enjoy this podcast! I hope there's a way for me to watch the Emmy's (being outside the US) because it sounds like a great show. And I love Vanessa Williams.

  4. thank you for this podcast! it's really interesting to get an insider's point of view about the daytime emmy.
    would love to have crystal chappell and jessica leccia presenting together...

  5. Great podcast as usual (I listened to it 3 times this week)!!! I tend to listen to your podcast at work in my lab so I can't take detailed notes to comment, but I wanted all three of you to know how much I enjoy it. The passion for soaps is incredibly obvious, and I LOVE it! :-)