Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We Love Soaps Radio: Episode #2

On the second episode of "We Love Soaps Radio," Newcomb, Jacobs and Goldberg share their thoughts on the latest hot topics and news from around the soap world and welcome special guests Linda Cook and Tom Pelphrey, and continue our fascinating interview with Patsy Pease.

Today's show includes:
- Former soap star Linda Cook shares a funny "live" moment from EDGE OF NIGHT

- Part 2 of our interview with former DAYS star Patsy Pease

- GUIDING LIGHT's Tom Pelphrey talks about his Dad and his short-lived football career

- More news and hot topics from the world of soaps

Look for our next all-new episode on Tuesday, July 14. ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO LISTEN: Download this episode (right click and save)


  1. Great podcast, guys! I listened to episode 1 and 2 on the bus this morning.

  2. Nice podcast! Thanks for featuring two great actresses. Might I suggest that you include photos and links to the sites of your interview subjects with the posting? Although I know who Patsy Pease and Tom Pelphrey are, I'm unfamiliar with Linda Cook. Do these performers have their own web pages, YouTube sites, or Facebook pages?

    Finally, I am baffled by your comments about Lily being disloyal to Cain. He lied to her repeatedly and DUMPED her to be with Chloe supposedly because she was pregnant.

    As for dumping Daniel, it wasn't because he looked at porn. It was Daniel lied about his porn addiction, got arrested, and pulled a lot of other crap.

    As for Kevin, come on. She was 15 and he was a 25 year old man who seduced her and gave her an STD. Eew! Dude should be in jail for statutory rape.

  3. Thanks for the feedback on the podcast. I am glad you enjoyed :) As for Lily, I stand by my belief that she should have stood by Cane and waited to hear his reasons for what he did. Turning on him in front of everyone didn't show any loyalty. And how many times has Lily had a meltdown because something didn't go her way? However, she is forgiven for being upset with Kevin lol

  4. Michael,

    You're kidding. You mentioned Lily leaving Billy. Billy admitted to her that Delia was his kid. He lied to her. He romanced her while knowing that she wanted to be with Cane but was separated from him because of Chloe's pregnancy.

    Why should Lily stick with someone who deliberately misled her?

    Soaps have a TERRIBLE problem of making women into saps, suckers, and door mats for men to treat them like crap. Look at Todd and Blair or Nikki and Victor: two couples where the men have repeatedly emotionally abused their spouses but the women always go back to them to repeat the cycle of abuse.

    Instead of showing strong women who can tell abusers to hit the dirt, most soaps encourage women to embrace their "bad boy" lovers.

    As for listening to Cane's side, again he dumped her for months, knowing that she was developing a relationship with Billy. She repeatedly asked him if he had anything to tell her.

    You're also dismissing her feelings about being lied to and used by Kevin.

    Finally, Lily is only 21 years old. Compare her to the maturity and rationality of other characters at her age. What was Nikki doing at that age? Nikki was a stripper. How old were Katherine and Jill as they battled each other viciously? How old are Jack and Victor as they continue to launch vicious, brutal salvos at each other that cause more damage to innocent bystanders than each other.

    You really think Lily is disloyal and has judgment issues? Compared to the rest of Genoa City?

    Nope. I'm not buying what you're selling. Victor just brought a psycho to town who's poisoned his granddaughter. Sharon lied to Jack about her pregnancy even though she knows that he's desperate for the child and news of her lie might devastate him.

    Lily's a frickin' rocket scientist (just under Nina) in comparison to most of Genoa City.

  5. BTW, I should say that I like the Lily/Cane pairing and look forward to it's continuation. Frankly, I'm embarrassed about the sloppy writing of MAB & Co. in their quest to bring back P3 they've trashed Cane's integrity.

    Given all of the scenes from the time of Cane being accused of being Delia's father through his marriage to Chloe, Cane never seemed to be the grand schemer who knew that Delia wasn't his. This is a poorly scripted retcon and the spin MAB and Co. are putting out doesn't fly.

    Seriously, Cane goes to the DNA lab after getting a swab and submits bottled blood for the test? Yeah, a lab would really allow it. Not!

    How does Y&R explain Katherine's dreams? It doesn't.

  6. I appreciate your passion for the character of Lily. I'm sorry I don't share your opinion. :) Lily certainly continues to find herself in situations where she feels betrayed. It would be nice for her to find someone who doesn't have a secret to hide.

  7. SoapFan, good feedback on the photos. For all our interviews we'll be posting full transcripts (which are much longer than the excepts we will play on the show) and those posts will have photos. But I hadn't thought about them on the links to the episodes and that is a great idea.

    I think my problem with Lily isn't the actress or even what the character does but more of a disappointment that she's not Drucilla, Jr. She's more like Neil than Drucilla and if this show has a void to fill, it's the interesting dynamics that Drucilla brought to the canvas. Her upcoming storyline should be interesting and we'll see if that changes any minds. Obviously Cane and Lily have legions of fans so they must be doing something right.