Thursday, July 2, 2009

TV GUIDE: The Gays of Summer

Michael Logan takes a look at the rise in gay characters on daytime in a new feature for TV Guide Magazine.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS star Thom Bierdz comments on the trend.

“What’s going on in soaps these days is a very cool reflection of how far mainstream America has come in accepting gays and lesbians,” says Bierdz, who is openly gay now but wasn’t when he last played Phillip 20 years ago. “Being able to play gay on Y&R is the main reason I wanted to come back to the show,” he says. “Gay people are just like straight people, and that’s what I hope to show with Phillip. He’s not a cartoon, he’s not a stereotype. The guy certainly has issues. But being gay? That’s no big deal.”

ONE LIFE TO LIVE has their own gay summer storyline in the works.

The folks at OLTL think they’ve hit on a fresh gay twist. “In telling the love story of Fish and Kyle, Kyle has to get over the fact that Fish is pretending he’s not gay, and that’s something really new and interesting to explore — a journey we haven’t tackled before,” says Sue Johnson, the ABC programming VP who oversees OLTL and AMC.

GUIDING LIGHT's Crystal Chappel comments on the slow burn of Otalia.

“I’ve gotten response from fans all over the world who are so grateful to GL for telling this story,” says Emmy winner Crystal Chappell, who plays Olivia. “People want something different. It’s time to be bolder. There’s a feeling in soaps that all the plots have been done, and that’s so not the case.”

AS THE WORLD TURNS executive producer Christopher Goutman weighed in on the Nuke sensation.

“If other soaps are getting on the bandwagon now, it’s because they saw that [Nuke] did get attention,” Goutman says. “But we didn’t do it by getting on a soap box. We weren’t trying to be political. We didn’t do it for ratings. To tell you the truth, we had no idea it would be successful.”

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