Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stuart Damon to AS THE WORLD TURNS

According to

Soap Opera Digest has learned that Stuart Damon (Alan, GH) is reportedly joining the cast of ATWT in a new role. He joins fellow GH/PC pals Jon Lindstrom (Craig), Julie Pinson (Janet), Lynn Herring (Audrey) and Marie Wilson (Meg). Since the show is so far ahead with their taping schedule, look for the actor to debut sometime around September.

CBS Soaps in Depth adds:

Look for GENERAL HOSPITAL alum Stuart Damon (ex-Alan) to make his way to AS THE WORLD TURNS this September! Soaps In Depth has learned that he will be playing a new character who is very connected to an Oakdale resident.

I love every one of these actors ATWT is hiring, and they are all very talented, but I have to say this non-stop casting, recasting and uncasting carousel ATWT is on is very confusing for three big reasons.

First, fans rarely get to see their favorite ATWT characters already. Many of the longtime characters have been fairly invisible this year such as Lisa (4 appearances), Lucinda (12 appearances), Bob (5 appearances), Nancy (1 appearance), Emma (2 appearances), and on and on. I would like to believe the new characters will help bring out story for these folks but it hasn't happened so far and fans are skeptical.

Second, ATWT's newbies tend to be peripheral characters. The most recent castings have been for Janet's sister and Henry's mother. If we must have non-stop new characters, how about Frannie, Sabrina, Chris, Betsy, etc that would draw on history and tie in some of Oakdale's MIA residents? I will give the show credit for Hunter and Riley/Adam despite the plot holes in the stories.

Third, the perception by many fans, and it's hard to defend this argument, is that ATWT cares more about trying to create casting "buzz" than actually writing good long-term storylines. When many of the "big name" hires are only around for 6-8 weeks, fans anticipate another short-term story with little to no lasting impact. It's possible new fans might tune in to see an old favorite from a different show, but if the story isn't there, they won't stick around.

If ATWT is in its last year or so on the air, why not treat fans to familiar faces? And by familiar, I mean to longtime ATWT fans, not former GENERAL HOSPITAL and PORT CHARLES fans.

Now if it turns out Stuart Damon is coming on to play a suitor for Lucinda, Emma, Lisa and Susan, and romances these ladies in a big umbrella story, all will be forgiven.


  1. I agree - I would MUCH rather further explore the lives of existing, beloved long-term characters and families rather than here about stunt-casting.
    Good writing and characters we care about are what keeps viewers, not whether or not Alan Quartermaine is visiting Oakdale.

  2. I agree that I would've been easier for the ATWT writers to continue diving into the current roster of characters in Oakland, but judging from the last year or so, it seems to me they've currently ran out of ideas of what to do with them.

    Since Jean Passanante is not going to leave anytime soon (ugh), perhaps this is the best she can do. It's not an excuse- it's just wishful thinking. Judging from her recent confusing interview about the show's writing format, the best I can decipher is that she's writing a different for everyday of the week with a pace as rapid as primetime dramas. It's evident with this Monday's episode when Noah managed to find out his dad's alive, had a heartfelt emotional blackmail session AND sent him to prison all in the same day. Passanante seem to think this works, so are all these casting news just pushing that format more with more stories and less screentime? I'm not sure if it works for regular viewers or even me.

    I've never watched any ABC soap before and judging from fan responses, these actors seem to be very popular. Even if it's stunt casting to temporarily boost ratings from curiosity, if it works and temporarily delays ATWT's inevitable cancellation- I guess I can live with it.

  3. At least the actors that they are hiring are good actors and you could call them veterans as well that proves that "older" actors can still get roles on soaps

  4. I am wondering why the comment was made that ATWT is in it's last year?? What in the world? I hope that was a typo of some sort because it is by far my favorite soap. I love Maura West the most. I do agree that they should bring in some of the story lines like Chris Houghes. I was excited to see that they are bringing Ben, Jessica and Mike Kasnoff, as well as, Molly back. All characters with deep history!! I just wish the old Craig could come back. I know the "new" Craig is doing a good job, he's just not Craig. That's my 2 cents.