Saturday, July 18, 2009

Soap Opera Promos: Excitement!

These days, I watch soaps because of Tricia Cast, Kitty, Maura West, Crystal Chappell, and ,of course, many other enjoyable characters and actors. But, I still miss the exciting promos that would feature the best of the best upcoming stories. Nostalgia (that would be a good couple name!) is my friend so take a look back at some excellent promos from the past.

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  1. Admit it: "Nostalgia" was your drag name....

  2. I like to keep my former jobs in the past. Thanks for dragging it back up! :)

  3. Michael,

    Thank you for this very enjoyable blast from the past/stroll down memory lane. I always loved how creative the soap promos were "back in the day." My ALL-TIME Favorite was the CBS promo set to the music of "Some Like It Hot" by the Power Station. Do you remember that one? Oh, good times. Do you think you have or could find that one? It would be great to see it again. And I would be forever grateful. ;-)