After Bianca falsely tells Chastity that she’s dating an older guy to try to rid herself of her goody two-shoes reputation, Chastity sees Bianca “canoodling” with her geometry teacher and instantly starts the rumor around school that the two are dating. What happens when Bianca’s attempt at being popular ends up turning her into the subject of some really juicy gossip? Find out in an all-new episode of ABC Family’s original series 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU, premiering tonight (8:00 – 8:30 PM ET/PT). The episode, entitled “Don’t Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation,” was directed by Gil Junger and written by Erin Ehrlich.

While Bianca is dealing with her own mess, Kat and Patrick are sent to detention together for garbage duty after the two get into some trash talk of their own on campus. Then suddenly, an unexpected incident – OK – Kat accidentally stabs Patrick’s foot with a trash stick – sends him to the school nurse. In yet another unexpected turn of events, Kat gets to know Patrick in a new way.

10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU is executive produced by Carter Covington. Larry Miller reprises his role as Walter Stratford, the over-protective father to the Stratford sisters -- Kat, a feminist with a razor-sharp tongue, portrayed by Lindsey Shaw, and Bianca, a girl with a plan to climb the social ladder at her new school, portrayed by Meaghan Martin. Ethan Peck takes on the role of resident bad boy, Patrick Verona. Nicholas Braun portrays Cameron James, Padua High’s “nice guy,” and Dana Davis plays head cheerleader Chastity Church.

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  1. Hi. I notice that you cover a lot of ABC's serialized programs but did not cover NBC's "Kings"? If you haven't watched "Kings," I strongly advise you to do so while episodes are available for free on

    "Kings," unfortunately, just completed its 13-episode run last Saturday. The show is a complex, operatic telling of the story of King David set in an alternate universe during modern times. The acting is superb. The cast is led by Ian McShane.

    Serialized fiction also seems to be doing well in science fiction and action programs like NBC's "Heroes" or SyFy's "Battlestar Galatica." I'd interested in hearing your thoughts on shows like "24." (For me "24" is played out, having become torture porn. Need information? Torture it. Of course, the hero of the story was tortured and didn't reveal any secrets but that's just him..)