Monday, July 27, 2009

OLTL CLASSIC CLIP: Megan Dies in Jake's Arms

In one of the saddest scenes in daytime history, Megan Gordon, played by the incredible Jessica Tuck (please come back to soaps, Jessica!), died in the arms of her true love, Jake Harrison. I remember being home sick watching these scenes as a teenager and bawling my eyes out.


  1. Hey, isn't that Joe Lando from "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman"? I wonder what he's doing these days

    Jessica Tuck is the vampire spokesperson on True Blood.

  2. I was watching OLTL at the time and thought this was one of the best scenes ever. The Megan/Jake love story was terrifically written and acted and yes, that is Joe Lando from Dr. Quinn.

  3. I just found Joe Lando's site and listened to his audio blog in which he discusses the difficulties of trying make a comeback. Most recently, he was up for a pilot and didn't get. :-(

    I wonder at what point do former stars have to drop out of acting?

    Jessica Tucker I recall from "Judging Amy" and from other guest spots.

  4. I remember this like it was yesterday. What a wonderfully acted, so sad scene.
    I haven't seen Joe Lando on anything in quite awhile, but Jessica Tuck is on True Blood, as previously posted, and recurring on Saving Grace as Grace's sister.

  5. I've always been happy for Jessica Tuck's success, but she is one of those actress that I always dreamed would return to soaps. As for Joe Lando, it would seem to be a natutal for him to return. The Jake and Megan romance was so romantic and the ending so sad and yet really paid homage to what they shared.

  6. Michael,

    Joe Lando stated on his site that last year he up for a position on Days of Our Lives but didn't get the job. There are many fine actors and few good jobs.

    I'd encourage you all to look at Joe Lando's site. He has a blog and videos featuring his buddy Jane Seymour.

    (Every time I write "Lando," I keep flashing to Billy Dee Williams in "The Empire Strikes Back!"!