Thursday, July 2, 2009

News Round-up: Cady McClain, FNL, NYC Tax Credit

Open House: The Many Lives of Cady McClain
“L.A. was too surface for someone like me who wanted to grow up and act with the Royal Shakespeare Academy,” says McClain in a new feature about her apartment for Strange Closets. “At least in New York I could get incredible training and do plays and not have it be thought that I was wasting my time!”

McClain has lived all over Manhattan: in the Meat Packing district when it was “full of trannies and sex clubs,” in Chelsea (a couple times), in the West Village, in Hells Kitchen “when it was full of Irish mafia”, in Nolita, in the Police building and on Beekman Place, which once played home to 50’s era movie stars such as Shirley MacLaine.

She channeled her inner-Adler while decorating her current place; white walls, funky accessories and a large scale Rothko (ish) painting offer a pleasing complement to the unit’s original moldings and ornate fireplace. Photos of family, friends and Frank are scattered about. A British flag draped over her pet rabbit’s cage completes the look. It’s the kind of mod-pop apartment where Emma Peel might choose to live, and Cady looks the part when she greets me at the door, her hair pulled back and wearing a smart black tuxedo dress.

Reiner clarifies his TV Week column on ATWT casting
Jonathan Reiner has clarified his comments in Wednesday's TV Week Open Mic story, Something Smells Wrong about the Latest ATWT Stunt Casting

"Just want to clarify something, folks... NO OFFENSE at all to Stuart Damon (I'm a huge fan) or the actors, writers, directors and producers who are working hard every day to deliver a quality show. I would love to see Damon integrated into the show (paging Lisa, Barbara, Lucinda, Susan, etc.).

I'm simply observing (and commenting on) an unfortunate trend that isn't serving the show effectively in the long run. These are incredibly desperate times, but sometimes desperate measures (stunt casting with ABC vets) aren't necessarily called for."

NYC empties its tax credit coffers
New York City has exhausted its budget for tax incentives for film and TV productions as of Tuesday, city officials announced Wednesday just ahead of the July 4 weekend.

"New York City's 'Made in NY' tax credit for qualified film and television production – the only one of its kind administered by a city in the U.S. -- has reached its full allocation of $192.5 million and funds are no longer available for new applications," the NYC Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting said.

Ellen Gray: TNT knows annoying
"We know drama," proclaims TNT, which might want to clue in whoever decides when and where its onscreen promos appear. Annoying in almost any situation, the widely used device - in which promotions for programs other than the ones you're actually watching at the time unfurl from the bottom of your screen - reached new heights of idiocy on TNT during this week's episode of SAVING GRACE.

Connie Britton on the next two, possibly final, seasons of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS
"Everybody is really embracing the idea of having two seasons and being able to be really specific with these arcs and know where we're going to end up," she said. "That's exciting to be able to do that on a TV show. I really do feel like these two seasons are going to be really strong. I think it's going to be a lot of change, but I think it's going to be really strong. Part of that is because they are thinking of it in terms of two seasons. In a way, it's much more like a movie focus."

Is the TV Screen Fading to White? Roles for actors of color appear to be declining
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People released a report in December 2008 on the state of diversity in television, focusing on the 2003-04 through 2006-07 seasons. In those years, the study found, only ABC saw an increase in the number of minorities in regular and recurring roles on scripted prime-time series, from 74 in 2002-03 to 116 in 2006-07. In contrast, Fox's total dropped from 98 to 51 in the same period.

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