Sunday, July 12, 2009

News Round-up: Benard, Reilly, Bible, Marsh

WEDDING: Victoria Rowell and Radcliffe Bailey
The New York Times has a feature on the newlyweds in today's issue.

“I had to rely on instinct to survive all my life,” Ms. Rowell said. “First impressions are everything, and all those antennae were up,” when she was introduced to Mr. Bailey at the dinner before her appearance at the National Black Arts Festival. “When I saw Radcliffe, he had slightly crumpled pants on and a Borsalino hat. I wear a hat every day. It was kismet.”

Kym Marsh: I did NOT cheat on Jack Ryder
"When Jack and I were together living as man and wife, there was nobody else involved," says CORONATION STREET star Marsh, who is now dating HOLLYOAKS hunk Jamie Lomas.

New musical includes James E. Reilly quote
Hamilton native Patrick Vaughn is one-half of the writing team for new, soap opera-spoofing musical "The Trimble Wars," part of the second annual Musical Theatre Workshop/Weekend Friday through next Sunday at Human Race Theatre in Dayton.

Vaughn says: "The musical is inspired by my crazy passion for the soap genre. I've been watching DAYS OF OUR LIVES every day since kindergarten and always loved how the melodrama in soaps has so much in common with the melodrama in musical theatre. I put a quote from my favorite soap head writer, James E. Reilly: 'Remember, every fairy tale ends with the phrase, And they lived happily ever after ...' but in order for that to have an impact, it means that they had a horrible, god-awful time before they got there."

The Ten Commandments of Soap Writing
Lana M. Nieves has advice for soap opera writers in the form of Ten Commandments.

GH's Maurice Benard filming Confession
GENERAL HOSPITAL's Maurice Benard and Brennan Elliott (4400) are currently filming Confession, a film written and directed by maverick director and newcomer Ed Kaye.

Gold Standard: Goddard, Kay and McCool
Tommy Garrett of the L.A. Canyon news names his top performers of the week: B&B's John McCook and Lesli Kay, and Y&R's Daniel Goddard.

Knowledge of Bible 'in decline'
The National Biblical Literacy Survey found that young people believe the Bible is old-fashioned and for people like EASTENDERS' character Dot Cotton.

INTERVIEW: Former GL star Michelle Forbes (now TRUE BLOOD's Maryann )
"For someone who seems to be known for her sci-fi career, I had not thought of vampires for more than five minutes in my entire life. But this show is not about vampires. It's looking at all these different beings — a telepathic waitress, a shape-shifter bar owner, or, you know, Stephen Root's lonely accountant vampire — and it gives such a real face to this world of the supernatural that I always found rather goofy."

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  1. Michelle Forbes is incredible!

    Sunni/Solita, Guiding Light

    Ro Laren, Star Trek: The Next Generation

    Battlestar Galatica: Adm. Helena Caine