Friday, July 3, 2009

Moving Words at the Bauer Barbecue: God Bless Springfield

Today concluded what is likely the final Bauer Barbecue ever on GUIDING LIGHT. This annual tradition has meant so much to fans like me over the years and the episodes did not disappoint. While I don't like the idea of Phillip possibly dying as the show ends, seeing the event through his appreciating eyes was an excellent way to portray how fans were feeling while watching.

Friday's episode was full of sweet Bauer moments which have been missing on the show for years now. We were giving a scene in the kitchen with Rick and Michelle and their children where they spoke about the next generation of Bauers and continuing the family legacy. The only thing missing was Ed.

Near the end, Rick gave a moving speech about the Fourth of July and family, and remembered his grandmother Bert fondly.

Michelle tells me I'm one of the grown ups now. It is scary. I might have some help from some of my buddies back here. I look across your faces and I realize that I'm one of the grown ups now. It just seems like yesterday that I was just a little kid sitting on that diving board eating my grandma's chocolate chip cookie. I couldn't help but think about my Grandma Bert today. She was a great lady. Real special. And not just because she loved her grandson but because she came up with this, this celebration with family and friends. She used to tell me, 'Rick, we live in a great town, in a great state, and an even greater nation. And we're all very blessed to live in a country that upholds freedom and liberty.' And she's right. And I miss her. And it's not quite the same without her. But she leaves this wondrful legacy behind and I feel very blessed. And I feel blessed that I have these three buddies right here. Thanks, Grandma.

Phillip then spoke poignantly about the day.

I do know that what makes this nation great is its people. And some of the greatest are in this town, in this yard. When I look around at all your faces, I can't tell you how lucky I feel that to have been able to spend all this time with you. I wish it could go on forever.

Beth joined her fellow Musketeers in feeling nostalgic.

I wish that everybody had a chance to live in a town like this. A town where people realy look after each other. Sometimes it's just a hello, or a smile, or a pat on the back, and sometimes it's something more. Soemtimes it's saving each other's lives, or holding each other while we cry.

Of course Mindy was going to speak as well.

And we know that wherever life takes us, we can always call Springfield our home.

Phillip summed it up with his words that apply to the characters as well as the actors and show.

We are bound together by those friendships and that history. No matter where we go or where life takes us, we are always going to be a part of each other's lives.

You can watch the moving speech by Rick and the other Musketeers below along with some classic Bert Bauer moments. Bert was the heart and soul of GUIDING LIGHT for many years.


  1. it was a very moving BBQ mostly because it is the last one which is just so wrong for this wonderful show

  2. Roger, you hit the nail right on the head. The fact that this is the audience's last Bauer BBQ as well as Phillip's, really made it emotional. I tend to tune in and out of GL from time to time depending on the storylines going on, but I always tuned in year after year for the Bauer BBQ. I'm going to miss it. I just don't understand why they were able to bring back Peter Simon as Ed for Phillip's scenes with him in CA but yet they couldn't get him to come back for the BBQ. I didn't like that. Ed needed to be there. I thought it was strange that Ed was no hesitant to commit to going to the BBQ when both Phillip and Rick asked him in CA. He would keep changing the subject. That bothered me a little. To me, it didn't make sense. Plus it was strange that Billy and Matt were at the BBQ, but not Vanessa. But it was a great episode. 2 scenes that made me LOL. Buzz and Lillian coming from the woods after "hooking up" and Alan offering Billy a cigar, then Billy putting his arm around Alan. Priceless moments that I'll miss!

  3. Markymarc, Peter Simon had a preplanned trip to Europe that is why we did not see "Ed" at the BBQ. It was simply a scheduling conflict. I believe Ed will however be seen again.

  4. First off let me tell you that i am disappointed that GUIDING LIGHT is going off the air in September. That really annoys me. Second let me telll you that i always watched the Bauer BBQ every year. I used to wish that my family was like that but they are not and never will be. I loved the speech that Rick, Philip, Beth and Mindy gave. That speech made me cry. I love that fact that everybody at least for the day got along. I am glad that Danny and Michelle came back. I wish that Ed could have come back too but he was there in spirit. I have alot of friends in my life but there is only a handful that i trust. They always say that friends are forever and that is so true. i hope and pray that everyone onthe show remains friends for a long time. R.I.P GIUDING LIGHT. YOU WILL BE DEARLY MISSED.

  5. Thanks for letting me know TL. Too bad the scheduling didn't work out.

  6. It was a very nice final to the last Bauer BBQ. All I know is when Philip was standing there and watching everything around him. I was crying at home.

  7. No problem Mark I knew people would be wondering why he wasn't there. I ad heard about the time they were filming about his scheduling conflict.

  8. TL, do you happen to know why Maeve Kinkead (Vanessa) wasn't there? It would have been nice to see her there and be able to re-connect with Mindy.

  9. Mark, I do not know why she was not there, or why Marj Dusay was not. I was trying to recall if we saw Vanessa so thank you for answering my question.

  10. Oh wow, I forgot about Alexandra. You would think, outside of scheduling conflicts, there would be no excuse for everyone to be there since this was the last Bauer BBQ.