More Manhattanites L.A. DVD Release Party Photos

Here are some additional photos from Wednesday night's L.A. DVD Release Party for Manhattanites at AREA in Hollywood. A good time was had by all including Tristan Rogers, Kate Linder, Wes Ramsey, Gavin Houston and Tyler Christopher.

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  1. Wes Ramsay. Do you think "Latter Day Saints" helped or hurt his career? I thought after the relative success of the film his career would receive a boost. Neither he nor his co-star saw a noticeable bump.

  2. I don't think it hurt him. But who knows? I have always thought he would break out but hasn't happened so far. It's always been very hard to predict who from soaps will or won't "make it big" in Hollywood.

  3. Kate! lol! She never misses a red carpet opportunity. On gossip sites, I always see her hitting up the red carpet. love it!

    I'm a fan of Wes. He's a great actor. I hope he will hit it big one day. I don't think the film hurt his career. Look at how many A listers in Hollywood who did gay movies before they hit it big.