Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Latest in Soap Videos: Roxy, Lucas, Rafe, Mary Jane

Here are some of the latest soap videos to hit the web.

ROXY BALSOM: Ilene Kristen continues to amaze with her hilarious performances including on Tuesday's ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

LUCAS SANDERS: The new gay character arrived on Tuesday's episode of the Dutch soap, GOEDE TIJDEN SLECHTE TIJDEN (Good Times Bad Times). By the way, Elizabeth Hubbard debuts on this soap on Thursday.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Rafe got upset with Sami on Tuesday for asking about Emily.

MARY JANE: The latest THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS sensation reveals her true identity in this dream sequence.


  1. Thanks for including the Lucas video, Roger. I'm excited about his storyline and also about Elizabeth Hubbard's story. Too bad the show is going on it's summer break after Friday.

  2. Mark, how long is the summer break? Do you that serves the show well? I've often wondered if the daytime soaps in the US could take a month off every now and then they might be able to step back and correct issues or problems in stories versus going full speed ahead every day.

  3. The show will return on Monday, August 31. So that's 8 weeks. I don't think it's bad for the show. Ratings during the summer would go down. Even though the show airs at 8 PM, you can already see a drop in the ratings this week because of the warm temperatures outside.

    They always end the last episode with a summer cliffhanger. It's often about life and death situations and the show usually works up to that climax of the story for months.

    Like this year the cliffhanger revolves around the feud between the characters Maxime and Nick that has been developing since late last year.

    It's also not a surprise that Lucas and Liz Hubbard debut during the last week of the season. They're like little teasers that give you an idea of what might happen next season.

    Some of my greatest memories of this show were things that happened in these summer cliffhangers.

    I think the key to a succesful show is good writing. Then it doesn't matter if there's a break or not. The last couple of years ratings for GTST were going down, but that was because the writing was bad (not ATWT bad, but still bad). This season the writing improved so much that the ratings went up again.