Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Latest in Soap Videos: Daniel, Matthew, Phillip, Colleen

Here are some of the latest soap videos to hit the web.

YOU'RE UNDER ARREST FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER: Daniel was officially charged on Wednesday's DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

I WAS JUST CONGRATULATING YOUR MOM: Having seen them kissing, Matthew blackmailed Bo and Nora on Wednesday's ONE LIFE TO LIVE into letting him have the surgery.

WE HAVE TO WHIP JAMES INTO SHAPE: Alan tried to convince Phillip on Wednesday's GUIDING LIGHT that they need to work together on James, and then became suspicious that something was going on with Phillip.

YOU HAVE TURNED INTO YOUR FATHER: Colleen was upset with Victoria on Wednesday's THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS when she was kicked off the Newman board of directors.

1 comment:

  1. I wanted Colleen to slap that Victoria across the face to day. That hypocrite had it coming! :)