Friday, July 31, 2009

The Latest in Soap Tweets: Madison, Urie, Y&R Bromance

Here are some of the latest tweets from around the soap world. The DAYS cast had a farewell party for Felisha Terrell, Molly Burnett celebrates one year on DAYS, and Y&R's Christian LeBlanc, Daniel Goddard and Michael Muhney continue their entertaining banter from various parts of the country (LeBlanc is in Mississipi with Jeanne Cooper and Goddard is in Alabama with Kristoff St. John).

@Marth27 (Martha Madison) "Farewell Felisha " party at HH last night! Had a blast. Great to see all my Days pals and finally meet Felisha. Love her! She's a star!

@michaelurie (Michael Urie) Finished shooting at Ugly Betty with half an hour to get to The Temperamentals and I made it!! Now let's hope I don't say the wrong lines.

@TaylorSpreitler (Taylor Spreitler) happy one year to @mollydollyy !! :)

@mollydollyy (Molly Burnett) You guys are amazing! Thank you so much :) next weeks DOOL is gonna be intense! Get ready!!!

@CJLeBlanc (Christian LeBlanc) On the road in Mississippi! Waiting for her Sonic sundae!

@DanielGoddard (Daniel Goddard) @CJLeBlanc don't make the lady wait! Have some damn respect! U should have rubbed her feet while she was waiting

@CJLeBlanc (Christian LeBlanc) Suddenly in the middle of rural Mississippi...the casino!

@michaelmuhney (Michael Muhney) Running lines in my dressing room for my next scene. HINT: it involves Zapato, Mr. Kitty, and me doing a tap routine to "lollipop guild".

@DanielGoddard (Daniel Goddard) @michaelmuhney so the dialogue goes "woof woof" "meow" (sorry he dead no meow) "down boy" "woof woof" "ouch zapato I said no means no" ;-)

@michaelmuhney (Michael Muhney) @CJLeBlanc how is your cross-country love-affair with Jeannie going? Is she pregnant yet?

@CJLeBlanc (Christian LeBlanc) @michaelmuhney Why must you destroy everything perfect and beautiful?

@teenystweeting (Kirsten Storms) Lovin' Trader Joe's and their employees. So funny and nice....and our cashier had a pineapple painted on his face.

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