Saturday, July 4, 2009

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Haley Alexis Pullos

It was a slow week for debuts on the soaps, but Haley Alexis Pullos did debut as Molly on GENERAL HOSPITAL on Thursday.

GENERAL HOSPITAL's Haley Alexis Pullos (Molly Lansing)
NEWCOMB: Haley Alexis Pullos debuted on Thursday's as a SORASed Molly on GENERAL HOSPITAL. Molly was born in November 2005 so she is growing up fast, as is Alexis's other daughter, Kristina. After one episode, it's not clear what Molly will do other than be a plot point in the relationship between Kristina and Alexis but it is an interesting family dynamic that is being built. On Thursday's show, Molly was looking at some links on the web sent her by school friends about Alexis and the Mayor. Kristina ended up being blamed for showing Molly the websites and she didn't reveal the truth to Alexis that it wasn't her fault. Alexis sat Molly down to try and explain her indiscretion with the Mayor. Pullos was very expressive and did a good job of reacting to the awkward Alexis as she struggled to find the right words to explain. There wasn't much to it, but a solid first outing for the young actress.

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