ClipSync Launches Viewing Parties For Y&R and BB11

ClipSync, the leading Social TV platform, announced today the launch of ClipSync Viewing Parties for Facebook, the first Facebook application to combine social networking with Social TV allowing friends and others to host, invite and gather on Facebook to watch their favorite TV shows together in a live viewing party.

ClipSync's Viewing Parties will launch initially with BIG BROTHER 11 and top daytime drama THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, with more shows added weekly. Latest episodes will be available in the Viewing Parties app a few hours after broadcast airing. The Viewing Parties application lets Facebook users schedule a group event, or Viewing Party, for their favorite show, then send invitations to their Facebook friends to watch these episodes together on the Viewing Parties application. Those joining Viewing Parties see their favorite show episodes in synchronized video and can interact with each other and the show through pop up comment bubbles, trigger avatar gestures, and by throwing interactable objects at one another and the screen. The experience is powered by ClipSync Social TV, a highly-scalable interaction service and games engine.

"As we've done with,, and recently MySpace's Married On MySpace, ClipSync's Viewing Parties application for Facebook is changing the way people watch TV," said ClipSync CEO Itzik Cohen. "Facebook provides the perfect setting to launch this application. By combining our Social TV with Facebook's social network, the Viewing Parties app bridges the gap between TV viewing and the way we socialize."

The Viewing Parties app also lets users create and join public viewing parties open to like-minded fans. The ability to create public viewing parties enables super-fans and shows' blog "experts" to further engage their audiences by hosting their own parties.

The ClipSync Viewing Parties app is available at and soon from the Facebook application directory.

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  1. I will have to check it out for sure. Any other shows coming to this?