Saturday, July 25, 2009


There have been many passionate, exciting, romantic soap opera pairings throughout the years. There was a time when love stories played out over time and meant something. Instead of being told to like a couple, fans fell in love with them as the couple fell in love. I'm certain that if daytime started focusing again on love and romance, and vowed to end any story involving slutty strippers, heroic mobsters, and dead babies, viewers would return.

Tonight, We Love Soaps focuses on the love story of Ryan and Vicky on ANOTHER WORLD. Anne Heche and Jensen Buchanan both had fabulous chemistry as Vicky with Paul Michael Valley's Ryan and helped create the spark this couple had. Ultimately, Vicky found true love with Ryan only for it to be taken away by Ryan's untimely demise. Take a look back and and watch this classic love story unfold.

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  1. It took me two years to warm up to Anne after Ellen but once I did I loved her fiercely. It also took me two years to love Jensen after Anne left. Eventually I grew to love Jensen's Vicky with Ryan but I had to vote for Anne because the first year Ryan and Vicky were together was amazing.

  2. I was obsessed with Jensen Buchanan since she played Sarah on One Life to Live. I thought Anne was awful her first year on AW, but she really came into her own obviously. But as a romantic heroine, Jensen all the way.

  3. I LOVED Jenson Buchanan as Vicky and I LOVED her with Ryan. I started watching the show after Jenson took over so I never had any frame of reference for Anne. But I still get weepy when I watch Ryan's death scene. And I love the time they were trapped in the cave. They were just perfect

    I hated when AW put Vicky with Jake and tried to make it seem like that was the true love match. We know the truth!!!

  4. Cicely, we DO know the truth :) Paul Michael & Jensen and Ryan & Vicky were the best :)