Carolyn Hennesy: Not One of the 'Elite Few'

In a new interview with The Trades to promote her book, "Pandora Gets Jealous," GENERAL HOSPITAL's Carolyn Hennesy (Diane) comments on her status with the soap and what's coming down the pike.

Here's the thing: I am not one of the 'elite few' -- Maurice. Steve. Nancy Lee Grahn. Laura Wright. -- who actually get to go up to the fifth floor and sit down and have a nice long chat with Bob Guza and Jill Farren Phelps and say, 'Where is my character going?' These people know what's going to happen five, six months down the line. Diane is basically day-by-day, so I don't know what's going to happen.

I know that Alexis is in deep, deep trouble right now -- huge, huge trouble. She is going to do something with regards to her eldest daughter that could destroy Alexis's life -- and Diane is going to try to figure out every way underneath the sun to keep that from happening. She's going to staunchly stand by her friend. I think there's some funny stuff coming up with Max, that does not involve a marriage proposal, but might involve... (laughs) no, I can't spoil that!

I don't see a trial coming up in the foreseeable future, but basically there's some serious, serious goings-on with Alexis, and dear Alexis is playing it wrong right down the line, and Diane is trying to be the voice of reason, desperately trying to keep her friend from making one of the biggest mistakes of her life.

Hennesy also describes her role on the upcoming sitcom COUGAR TOWN and her skill as a trapeze artist.


  1. I understand her frustration, however the individuals she mentioned have either been on the show for well over a decade, or they've been in the industry for just as long. As a result (as much as I normally don't like it), they have more of a "right" to find out where their characters are going than most. Notice the difference, however, between "finding out where their characters are going" and "dictating where their characters are going." None of them should have that power.

    Diane works best as a secondary, support character. There's no need for her to have long-standing arcs of her own, unless she's supporting or participating in existing stories with other characters. GH's cast is bloated as it is, and does not need any more leads.

  2. Do we know she said that out of frustration? Let's not read anything into an interview we're just seeing in print.

    She's very tongue in cheek throughout the rest of the interview. I didn't read that comment as a complaint/bitch.

  3. Let me assert that at no time during the interview was Ms. Hennesy anything less than optimistic, friendly and cheery. She was asked if she could provide spoilers, and said (in the prior sentence) that she could not reveal any long-term story plans, and then went on to reveal why. There was certainly no bitterness or jealousy at all evident. In fact, Ms. Hennesy was one of the most pleasant interviews I've ever had the pleasure of conducting.

  4. I just have trouble believing that that ANYONE knows what's going to happen GH five or six months in advance, especially Guza and Phelps!