TV Guide Canada's "Nelson Ratings"

The latest "Nelson Ratings" from TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco are now online.

Branco names the top soaps, storylines and moments to watch this week, as well as the top actors, actresses, duos and rivals. Pay special attention to this week's guilty pleasures.

He also breaks the news about our upcoming podcast series and a number of interesting "Suds Flashes" from around the world of soaps.


  1. Wow. Nelson says:’s Roger Newcomb tells Nelson Ratings that my pal, Absolutely Shouldless author, Damon L. Jacobs, will be joining its “cast” as a regular contributor. “I’ll be writing features, conducting interviews, and a few other surprises,” Jacobs states. Also, Newcomb reveals that will be launching an innovative soap podcast on July 7.

    This sounds terrific! Damon has revealed himself as a terrific interviewer. Particularly that last interview with James DePaiva...that was the frankest and most open thing I have ever read in daytime. That was like a transcript of a therapy session!

    I worry a little for Marlena's site. Patrick Erwin has left...and now Damon. Marlena is definitely a strong "brand", and she'll do fine on her own.

    Still, I can't wait to see what you all have in store!

  2. Damon is amazing!!! There are a lot of great things to come.