Wednesday, June 24, 2009

News Round-up: McClain, AMC, Univision, Doby

ATWT's Cady McClain (Rosanna) on being a 'Hot Star of Summer'
"I can hardly believe I started on this daytime journey almost 20 years ago. How time flies! Who I was back then seems like only a whisper of who I am today. I remember someone telling me to write myself a letter- from the grown up Cady to the young Cady. I found it recently and it was pretty touching. I finally feel like I am becoming the woman I set out to be all those years ago."

Deep Soap: Could I Care Less?
Sara Bibel writes: "ALL MY CHILDREN’s 'who killed Stuart' storyline has managed to go from an offensive blow to the heart of the show to just plain boring. At this point, I don’t care who did it. Adam seems more concerned with showing Annie a good time than making sure his brother’s killer is brought to justice."

GUIDING LIGHT PROJECT: We'll Return to GUIDING LIGHT After These Messages
Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons writes: "With GUIDING LIGHT coming to an end, it’s time to pay tribute to something that many fans cursed sometimes, fast forwarded, and why soaps were created in the first place. Yes, I’m talking about The Commercials."

Top ten soap opera star exits
The New Zealand Herald counts down the ten best soap exits including EASTENDERS' Pauline and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES' Edie.

Univision Fortifies Retransmission-Consent Roster
Univision has reached agreements with 100 distributors for continuing carriage of the three Univision services: broadcast networks Univision and TeleFutura and basic-cable service Galavision. Some of the agreements -- whose terms were not disclosed -- include retransmission consent for affiliated stations owned and operated by Entravision Communications and Equity Media Holdings.

Dan Thai Jazz Bistro sits in a strip mall, right in the middle of High Point. And this is a fact you forget the moment you walk through the doors. Former LOVING actor Dan Doby is the owner.

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