Tuesday, June 30, 2009


As we mourn the passing of GUIDING LIGHT, I can't help but remember all of the characters and couples we have loved over the years. Right now, I'm thinking of Josh and Reva and their tempestuous and tortured romance.

But if there is anything I like more than a good soap couple, it's a good love song associated with a couple! "Always" indeed!

- Zimmer: "I Want To Go Off With Robert" / "Unforgettable"
- Kim Zimmer: You'll Always Be My Giants Fan


  1. They are made of AWESOME and wrapped in WIN!

    That scene in particular is one of my go-to scenes when I need a good Josh & Reva fix.

  2. Thanks for posting that great Jeva scene. I know that this particular clip was about that song, but I wanted to take this opportunity to mention how much I also loved the Jeva "background instrumential music" from the late ninties. My whole family watched GL and my cousin even said that she wanted to dance to the Jeva Instrumential theme at her wedding. I love this blog!

  3. When I was a freshman in High School my mom got my sister out of school at noon (5/99) for an "eye doctor's apt." so that we could watch Tad/Dixie 3rd wedding on AMC, then Josh/Reva 2nd wedding on GL, and then Susan Lucci finally won her emmy that night. It was 10 yrs ago, but it's still a day I'll never forget. GL is "my soap" and I can remember as far back as 1992.

  4. Soaps used to give us real oldfashioned romance. I still believe there is an audience that wants to see that. It doesn't have to be all about murder and abuse. And I agree about the instrumential music that used to play for Josh and Reva. Very pretty!

  5. If GL has to go off the air, Josh and Reva need to be together!