Monday, May 11, 2009

Soap Shrink Talks With Kassie DePaiva

Damon L. Jacobs, known as the "Soap Shrink" to many, interviewed ONE LIFE TO LIVE star Kassie DePaiva on the Rock the Soap cruise and they discussed the Daytime Emmys, what she would like to see next for Blair and much more.

On her Emmy submission:

You know I just hate watching myself. This year I worked a lot, but I was pretty much a supporting actress, for John’s story, for Starr’s story, for Todd’s story, for Marty’s story, that’s fine. But it’s hard to pick an episode, because I’m in the Leading Lady category. Based on my amount of work I should be there. But I’m there as Blair yelling at the doctor about Starr’s baby being dead, and all of a sudden they’re panning to Marcie, they’re panning to Starr, so I can’t use those. The show that I did pick was one of my first dates with John. We get together on the roof and share the beer and she yells, “I’m Blair Manning and I’m gonna kick some ass and take some names.” I actually look like a leading lady in those. Also, I think Michael grounds me as an actress, so I feel like I’m playing a different character when I’m working with John. With Todd she always has to be on the defensive. With John, it’s just, she can breathe. She breathes, and you get to see a lighter side to both of them. There’s a trust involved.

Read the full interview here.

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