Friday, May 1, 2009

News Round-up: Drunk Jill, John Driscoll, Swine Flu

Y&R wedding has Jill on crash course
Jill crashes Katherine's wedding next week on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, and it won't be pretty.

"She gets drunk with Gloria and Jeff," says Jess Walton, who plays angry Jill Abbott. "Gloria is really jealous that Jill was invited. She would kill for an invitation to that wedding, but she can't get Katherine's attention."

Katherine was thought to be Jill's mother for years, but a recent DNA test proved otherwise. As the alcohol flows, Jeffrey teases Jill that the nuptials are in her former home and she's not even going.

"Jeffrey says, 'Shouldn't you be keeping an eye on your house so they don't destroy it?' That's what gets Jill over there."

Jill's former daughter-in-law Nina catches Jill stumbling in just as the wedding march begins.

"Nina locks her in a closet," says Walton with a laugh. "They do flash-cuts from the wedding to Jill in the closet. It's so great. Lauren finds her and lets her out."

And then it's here comes the snide.

Soap stars looking forward to Soap Fest
Walt Willey: “I have been a working actor for more than 30 years. My father was a coal miner for 30 years! I am so blessed to have the continued opportunity to work in this industry and give back whatever I can, when I can. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in Marco Island.”

Caitlin VanZandt: “Bartending at the Celebrity Bartender Bash is my favorite SoapFest event. It’s footloose and fancy-free. I’m a very strong mixologist, so everyone better be ready.”

John Driscoll: “I’m being picked up by another show, but I can’t say what it is. You’ll see me again this summer!” (Daytime Confidential reported the show is Y&R)

INTERVIEW: Diederick Santer (Executive Producer, EASTENDERS)
On the show's upcoming 25th anniversary: "We have actually planned it. I know exactly what the week of the anniversary is. All I can say is that all the dramatic values of the last 25 years of the show, everything that has made EastEnders the phenomenon that it is, we're hoping to evoke in that week. It's a celebration of the show, not necessarily, but not excluding, a trip down memory lane. It's more the values of the show, what people love about it."

EASTENDERS star knocks-up neighbour
It's a story you'd expect to hear on a dramatic soap opera but EASTENDERS actor Steve McFadden has impregnated his neighbor. The mother of three has now left her husband for the soap star, who plays Phil Mitchell on the show, reports say. The scandal mirrors the 50-year-old's escapades on EastEnders where his character has had various affairs throughout the series.

Mexican soap operas react to swine flu – no kisses
Mexican soap opera actors are being advised to cut down on kissing scenes on screen. Swine flu is said to be the main reason for the producer's decision.

Actors reconsidering whether to kiss colleagues on camera
"Whatever actor does not want to kiss anyone will not do it. They are all entitled to say no. There are some actresses that do not want to go to the vecindad [a set of homes with a common courtyard] where scenes are shot, because it is a focal point of infection," said Angelli Nesma, telenovela producer of UN GANCHO AL CORAZON.

ANOTHER WORLD 45th Anniversary: TV Guide Ads
Over its 35 years on NBC, ANOTHER WORLD was occasionally promoted by the network. This is a collection of TV Guide print advertisements that appeared during the 1980s and 1990s.

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  1. I doubt the 'Swine Flu' article is true. It's pure speculation, no soap actors were interviewed, no quotes and just a pic of people in a hallway wearing masks.