The Sci Fi Channel has lined up guest stars for its upcoming series SGU: STARGATE UNIVERSE. SGU stars Robert Carlyle, Lou Diamond Phillips and Ming-Na (ex-Lien, AS THE WORLD TURNS), follows a group of survivors aboard an ancient ship who are unable to return to Earth.

Four veterans of the STARGATE franchise, Richard Dean Anderson (ex-Jeff, GENERAL HOSPITAL), Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks and Gary Jones, will reprise their roles in guest stints.

Anderson plays General O'Neil, the former leader of the elite military team SG-1. Tapping plays Samantha Carter, an astrophysicist and U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel. Shanks plays Dr. Daniel Jackson, Stargate's archeologist and linguist. Jones plays Chief Master Sgt. Walter Harriman, commander technician of the team.

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