Monday, April 27, 2009

News Round-up: TV Relieves Loneliness, FIOS, FNL

Study: A Warm TV Can Drive Away Feelings Of Loneliness And Rejection
Not all technology meets human needs, and some technologies provide only the illusion of having met your needs.

But new research by psychologists at the University at Buffalo and Miami University, Ohio, indicates that illusionary relationships with the characters and personalities on favorite TV shows can provide people with feelings of belonging, even in the face of low self esteem or after being rejected by friends or family members.

Verizon Racks Up 299,000 More Subscribers in Q1
Verizon Communications turned in a near-record quarter for its FiOS TV service, with the telco adding 299,000 subscribers in the first three months of 2009, and racked up 298,000 FiOS Internet users.

The FNL Draft
Peter Berg and his East Dillon Lions are on the clock. The FRIDAY NIGHT LIHGTS executive producer has a lot in common with the general managers at the NFL Draft. They're all looking at their teams, weighing whether to keep older players at the risk of sticking with them one season too long or drafting new, unproven talent.

DH and B&S lead ABC to Sunday ratings win
Sunday shows stayed fairly strong despite the sunny weekend weather around much of the country. ABC's DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (13.5 million) and BROTHERS & SISTERS (9.4 million) maintained their usual time slot-winning numbers.

The first webisode of the AW update is now online. Fans can vote about where they want the story to go next starting May 4.

Conde Nast Gives Up on Portfolio
Conde Nast dropped a long-anticipated ax on Conde Nast Portfolio this morning, shutting down the expensive, ambitious effort to build a business magazine with a stylish presentation. The move affects more than 85 employees, already down from a peak of 140 after a retrenchment last November, including Editor in Chief Joanne Lipman and Publisher William Li, who are both leaving the company.

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