News Round-up: Shannen Doherty, May Sweeps, Finales

Finale Fever: 16 Super Season-Enders
TV Guide previews 16 upcoming season finales for several of the primetime soaps.

CADY MCCLAIN: Maura and Me
"I love this woman. She is not only an inspiration in her work, but in her life. Plus, she’s hilarious. She has a way of putting things that cracks me up like nobody. It’s that combo of tough and soft that I recognize in myself, I guess, and it’s funny to see it in someone else.

"In our lives, we couldn’t be more different- she’s married with kids, Catholic and a Republican with a tiny button nose... and I am clearly none of those things (well, to those who know me or read this blog it’s clear!) but we have something unique in common. Maybe it’s being a hard working woman in the soap opera business. You certainly cross a few invisible lines in your psyche doing this kind of work.

"Whatever it is, I think she’s just grand, and I can’t wait to see her new baby!"

Shannen Doherty Says No to More 90210
Looking for more Shannen Doherty on 90210? Don’t count on it. The actress tells TV Guide Magazine she has no plans to bring Brenda back to Beverly Hills again.

Why? “I don’t know, I think I did it,” she said at the opening of the W Hotel in Hoboken, NJ on April 23. “I did it with Gabe [Sachs] and Jeff [Judah], who were my producers before. I love the [new] show runner. I think she’s amazing, but I think her idea of moving forward with the new cast and not bringing the old cast in to distract, I think that’s actually the right thing for 90210. I support it 100 percent.”

VARIETY: Nets struggle to find May mojo
May was always a big deal, but became a bigger one in the 1980s and '90s, as the spring rating sweep -- one of three annual periods in which local TV stations used to negotiate ad rates -- began eclipsing the surveys in November and February. Bowing to this reality, it was eventually agreed to extend the official TV season that started in mid-September from mid-April through the May sweep.

Networks loaded up the month with specials, miniseries and movies, combined with series cliffhangers. There was such a crush of high-octane material that everyone (including TV critics!) needed most of June to recover while getting a jump on watching pilots for series the networks had just bought.

Now, May increasingly feels like any old month. Sure, there are series finales, but the big events are largely gone. And there's certainly no time for breath-catching, inasmuch as May signifies less the official season's end than the starter's pistol for summer, replete with cable premieres and a wave of mostly unscripted network series.

Blind item shocker: Someone's having a baby!
Congratulations are in order! A major female character on a popular and highly rated hour-long drama series will learn that she's pregnant next month

Slug to make CORONATION STREET return
ASHES TO ASHES actor Marshall Lancaster will make a comeback to CORONATION STREET at the end of June. The 34-year-old, who plays DC Chris Skelton in the BBC police drama, returns to filming with the Weatherfield soap in a few weeks' time as Becky Granger's (Katherine Kelly) wayward ex-boyfriend Slug.

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