Thursday, April 9, 2009

News Round-up: Curlee, Sweeney, Lago, CW Comeback

DVR users waiting to watch primetime shows
TiVo reported Thursday that the 9 p.m. time slot is the one most DVR users, 59% of them, prefer to record rather than watch live. The 8 p.m. slot is second with 58% and 10 p.m. is at 53%.

But while DVR users watch a little more TV live at 10 p.m. than they do earlier in primetime, many also are tuning out of that hour entirely because they are watching shows recorded earlier, as opposed to watching whatever happens to be on live during that slot. TiVo said that 30% of DVR users watch a show they have recorded within an hour of the show having aired live.

With ratings comeback, has CW finally turned the corner?
The CW averaged 2.1 million total viewers last week, according to data published Tuesday by Nielsen Media Research. That is 5% higher than the network's prime time average so far this season and the best overall numbers since November.

On CBS daytime, those numbers could get a show canceled, but on The CW primetime its a ratings comeback.

INTERVIEW: Former Soap Writer Nancy Curlee
"For me, the GUIDING LIGHT was always a porch light, just outside the Bauer’s kitchen. Outside, a bad moon may be rising, forces gathering to do you harm, foes behind bushes...Outside, friends may be treacherous, lovers untrue... But if you ran like hell, and made it to the porch, and banged through that screen door, inside there would be warmth and light and the smell of good things cooking. The GUIDING LIGHT was about love and home truths and compassion prevailing. For me, anyway, that’s what it was all about."

Sweeney uses Whrrl
"Alison Sweeney started using Whrrl today. And she visited the set of DAYS OF OUR LIVES with her family. And so it's actually entitled, 'Family Visits Days.' And we feature that story because it's such a cool -- and she did it publically. And it's a really cute story about her kids and the visit with the cast"

Whrrl v2.0 lets people share their real-world experiences as they happen from the web and mobile phone, and connects people in the real world in an entirely new way.

LEGACIES is back in Zimbabwe
LEGACIES, an award-winning soap opera which was pulled off air early this year owing to financial constraints, returns to the small screen sometime in June after its producers got financial assistance from the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe.

Alexander Cambias returns to AMC
Ronald Guttman (Cambias) will return to the Pine Valley canvas in May.

Lago returns to Y&R
CBS Soaps In Depth is reporting that David Lago is making a return visit to THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS in May as Raul.

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