Wednesday, April 1, 2009

GUEST COLUMN: Fans Speak Out About "Liason"

In the recently completed We Love Soaps March Madness Couples Tournament, fans of GENERAL HOSPITAL's Jason and Liz turned out in droves to vote for their favorite couple. Even though "Liason" lost in an hard fought semifinal contest with GUIDING LIGHT's Olivia and Natalia, the fan spirit prompted me to ask fans to speak out about the the couple and the inspiration behind the passionate support. I have received a few responses from fans and want to publish them here.

I believe soaps need a strong vision and a dedication to that vision, but a story inspires passionate fan bases to spring up, like recently with "Otalia," the shows need to run with those stories and take advantage of that positive energy. In the case of "Liason," I thought it would be best to let some diehard fans explain their passion.

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From Heather:
Thank you for the opportunity to tell you what we fans love about our favorite couple. In all the shows I’ve watched, in all the years I’ve watched I’ve never loved two characters or a couple more than Elizabeth Webber and Jason Morgan. The chemistry between Rebecca Herbst and Steve Burton is amazing. They are so talented. I love Jason and Elizabeth because they are the perfect combination of history and chemistry, love and passion, honesty and trust, humor and support and you can see every single bit of that in every look, touch, or word shared between them. They say so much even when they say nothing at all. They blend the best things about General Hospital: the mob and the hospital, the Quartermaines and the Webbers, danger and family. The best thing about Jason and Elizabeth is the rich potential of their storyline. I think as amazing as the story of them getting together has been that the story of their lives together would be even more powerful. You take two incredibly different people from incredibly different lives who love each other deeply and share a family and show the story of how they fight to protect that family against the rest of the world and you have something worth watching. The reveal of Jake being Jason's son would impact almost every character on the show. I want Jason to realize that only way to protect his family is to claim them. I want to see them face danger and the world. Elizabeth is stronger than she knows and I want to see that. Jason and Elizabeth fans just want that chance, that opportunity to see them actually get to be a couple. Thanks so much for recognizing our dedication and love of this couple.

From Truly-Madly:
Thank you for the opportunity to wax poetic about one of my all time favorite TV couples Liz and Jason on GENERAL HOSPITAL. From the second they set eyes on each other, while both in relationships with others that I adored, I thought they would be an amazing couple to watch. They shared such an easy interaction with each other that from that first second it was almost as if viewers could see a destined couple fulfilling their destiny. The applause for that has to go to Becky Herbst and Steve Burton who have a natural and easy chemistry together still to this day.

For ten years I watched with passion and obsession their blossoming friendship and then love affair. Their friendship, understanding and acceptance of each other, their reliance on the other in good and bad times, their true knowledge of who the other “really” is makes them a compelling and exciting couple.

I heard it said once that true love was one person knowing the worst things about the other and being ok with it; and for me that sums up the relationship between Liz and Jason, they know the worst things about the other and are ok with it while making each other want to be and do better.

I will miss them together and I know a lot of others will too and I think the show will suffer for not exploring how great this couple could be.

From Venita Frye:
Sometimes what people want isn't always what we get. I know this to be true more then ever these days when I watch GENERAL HOSPITAL. I know that all fan bases have
there own way they see things and I respect that from all of them. Then there are the stories that you can't help but see and say that is something special. We all saw it in Luke and Laura, some saw it in Emily and Nikolas or Carly and Sonny. I saw it in Jason and Elizabeth.

Without giving away my age. I have been a GENERAL HOSPITAL viewer for many years. Many of you know me very well and others have only had a pleasure of talking to me or listening to me rant on a message board or a blog radio. I am and have always been a Liason fan. I stand by them no matter what and I am one of the ones that holds out hope knowing that as history has shown they will end up back together.

I still stand in shock of some of the things I hear or read in spoilers and spumors. I don't understand why the writers and the powers that be can stand back and not take notice to a fan base that is so great. Ones that have been standing by for almost ten years now keeping faith in them and still not give us some sort of end. I don't think Jake could be called a end. I have never complained to them. I've always
sat back and rolled with the punches, until December 12, 2008. I finally stopped sitting and stood up.

They have Steve Burton who is the only Jason and Rebecca Herbst who is the only Elizabeth. The history these two share is there for the writers to take. The chemistry between the two is undeniable and the fact that they want Liason as much as we do is public knowledge.

I remember when Elizabeth looked at Jason and said love shouldn't be safe. It shouldn't and it can't be. Elizabeth and Jason have a history that is undeniable. Elizabeth is more then capable of handling Jason's life she is strong, and sometimes I think that people forget about Lizzie Webber. She didn't back down and she took what she wanted. I liked that in her and she still has it.

The writers want us to believe that it's all because of Jake that they can't be together. Anytime Jake has been in danger, it has not been because of Jason, it has been someone else's fault. I just can't believe that Jason would want to raise Micheal, Sonny's kid with Sam and a adopted child, and not his own. The fact that Sonny gets to have his child while Jason can't even get a glimpse of his son anymore is not logical.

Liason fans are a strong fan base. We unite and we stand together. We will not wait another 10 years for our couple. We want what we want and deserve the pay off. We have been loyal to GENERAL HOSPITAL and we expect the same in return. If you are this vocal over a couple that the writers never made an actual couple, can you imagine if they were a couple.

There are some song lyrics that sum up the way I feel about Jason and Elizabeth. I think maybe the writers and the powers that be should listen and show their biggest fan base since Luke and Laura some loyalty.

"And if I lived a thousand years
You know I never could explain
The way I lost my heart to you
that day"

I lost my heart to Jason and Elizabeth on August,27,1999.



    Beautifully written by all

  2. Wow. I agree with all of you about Liason. I was 13 years old when I first saw Jason and Liz and I was hooked. Though both of them have been with other people and I enjoyed some of those couples, I always believed that these two were each others' endgame. So come on GH. Give us Liz and Jason. I'm 23 and I've waited 10 years. You can't ask for more commitment than that:)

  3. OMG what a awesome article. Kudos to the Liason fans that wrote about how passionate we are for couple. The Jason & Liz storyline deserves to be told. I just hope someone bigger than Frons steps in and reunites their love story for the world to see.

    Thanks again for giving Liason fan the honor of acknowledging how much we really do love this couple.

  4. I'm a Liasonite, who elevated to being a Liasonut, then graduated to being a LiasonAddict. I have been in love with Jason and Elizabeth since August 27, 1999. I have always loved them individually but on that day I was like wow! What was that? Can I get some more please? And I've never looked back.

    They embody everything a fictional pairing should have. Need to have. Hope to have. Suppose to have. Wish to have. They have it all. All the components that make a romantic pairing entertaining, loved, celebrated, legendary, and super.

    I can't help it. I can't go back. I can't change it even if I wanted to. They are just that addicting. I've never loved a fictional couple more than Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber. They will always be special to me thanks to Steve & Becky.

    I sold my soul to the Soap Devil and there ain't no refunds.


  5. Kudos to all that have supported Liason! This is the ultimate soapy couple. They are the perfect core/anchor couple for GH. The merging of the Webbers and the Quartermaines. How perfect is that? Together they are stronger than apart and alone. It just shows the short sightedness of TIIC/TPTB. This couple that was never really given a chance to be a couple is the future of soaps. If they are not allowed to get together and be all that they can be, TIIC/TPTB have forgotten all the things that make soaps great. I'll admit to not watching since 12/05/08. I just couldn't continue to support this soap by contributing to its ratings. I will gladly start watching again if they finally get their heads pulled from their nether regions and clear the path for Liason. I watched this soap from the time I was a toddler all the way through college. I did loose touch for a decade or so, but got hooked again in 12/06 all because of the undeniable chemistry between Jason & Elizabeth. It's so pure, strong, raw, awesome.

    To Liason! Forever!!!

  6. IA... Jason and Elizabeth have such fabulous potential for a variety of storylines... I wish someone at GH would tap it soon.