News Round-up: GH's Robin, Tristan Wilds, Wendy Richard

NY DAILY NEWS: Depressed Robin strays from the nest in GENERAL HOSPITAL
Robin kisses a stranger next week on GENERAL HOSPITAL," leading her to finally admit she is suffering from postpartum depression.

"She's at a random bar in Rochester, where she has met Brad the carpenter," says Kimberly McCullough, who plays the conflicted Dr. Robin Scorpio. "They go on a date and have a great time. Somehow they end up back in her hotel room."

Where, unbeknownst to Robin, her husband, Patrick, will soon show up.

"Robin and Brad do some soap opera kissing, but she freaks out before she has sex with him," says McCullough. "Patrick watches them kiss and leaves, but Robin doesn't know that."

Patrick heads back to Port Charles convinced that his wife had sex with young Brad. He confides in Liz, who compounds his fears by sharing that women with postpartum are more prone to have affairs. As Patrick is chewing on that, Robin comes home.

"She tells him the truth," says McCullough. "Well, she doesn't say, 'Oh, by the way, I made out with some random guy.' She leaves that part out. She says, 'I went to this bar and I made up this whole story about myself that wasn't true. I said I wasn't married and I didn't have kids. Obviously, something is wrong with me.'"

Wendy Richard's final message of hope
The EASTENDERS actress - who died from cancer last month - recorded a poignant documentary in November last year about her battle against illness, which is filled with messages to inspire hope in others.

In the documentary Wendy - who played Pauline Fowler over 21 years in the soap - says: "You're there to give hope and encouragement to other women going through the same thing. So even if you're just popping out to the shops, you want to look your best."

The documentary, titled 'Wendy Richard: To Tell You The Truth', airs tonight on BBC1.

Tonya Lee Williams at Toronto Fashion Week
Style watchers got a sneak peek into the window of the fashion world beyond Canada's borders on Day 4 of LG Fashion Week as a pair of international labels took the runway. After more than a decade on the scene, Jamaican designer Carlton Brown made his North American debut unveiling his menswear line to a packed audience, including retired Canadian Football League quarterback Damon Allen and actress Tonya Lee Willams of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS fame.

Daniel Cosgrove has a new son
From CBS Soaps in Depth: GUIDING LIGHT's Daniel Cosgrove (Bill) and his wife, Marie, welcomed their fourth child — and first son — Finnian Jack into the world on March 4. Finnian joins big sisters Lily, Esmé and Ruby.

INTERVIEW: GUIDING LIGHT's Lawrence Saint-Victor (Remy)
"I've been blessed to be part of an amazing cast and I play a character who for awhile didn't have a major story, so I got to play with everybody. Me and Jessica worked together a lot when she first came on the show, so I kind of have a vibe with everybody there and we all get along and play so much. When you're having fun it feels easy!"

90210 actor Tristan Wilds to star in WWII flick
Wilds, who plays Dixon Wilson in the CW's 90210, has been cast in the war drama Red Tails. Wilds will play Ray "Ray Gun" Knight, a flyboy nearly blinded over Nazi-occupied Italy who becomes the wingman of his friend and cohort, Marty. The two face the prejudice of the U.S. military as much as the overseas enemy but end up establishing an unprecedented record.

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