News Round-up: Edward Woodward, Martsolf, McClain

Edward Woodward coming to EASTENDERS
Edward Woodward, 78, who is best known for being THE EQUALIZER, will stroll into Albert Square next week as mild-mannered Tommy Clifford. But EASTENDERS fans will soon see a darker side.

A soap source said: "Tommy meets Mini Mart owner Patrick Trueman and begins quizzing him about his past. Patrick fondly recounts tales from his youth under the pretence it is research for Tommy's book. It's a front for something far more sinister but Patrick is blissfully unaware."

DAYS' Eric Martsolf answers fan questions
"The cast is very welcoming, and I definitely feel like part of the clan now!"

"[Galen and I] did tape a scene together two weeks will come up soon."

"I agree....Brady needs some lovin!!! I'm sure it's coming soon....stay tuned."

NASCAR's Jeff Burton on his GH appearance
"I had my lines on a piece of paper on the table in front of me covered up with a newspaper," he said. "I could glance at them. I know my limitations quite well. Short term memory is one of my limitations."

Barker shaiks up ISIDINGO
Akin to the unfolding real-life drama, where convicted fraudster Schabir Shaik was medically paroled, ISIDINGO's villain Barker Haines is now a free man and looking to reclaim his influential position.

"Barker may have got his just desserts but S'thembiso Shezi was no Eliot Ness, which would have made it a very clear-cut tale of good triumphing over wickedness. In a way, the story became ambivalent on both sides," actor Robert Whitehead explains.

"He bounces back in a more complex way. I am looking forward to the developments in the year ahead. Right now, Barker is extremely damaged. He has had everything taken away from him, especially with the loss of his daughter, and it is just piling on and on. But he is determined to claw his way back to the top."

Cady McClain on ATWT's Parker and Liberty, returning to AMC and Thorsten Kaye
"I really like the Parker and Liberty dilemma. They are both terrific actors, and its great to see a young love story line where the kids are so real."

"I apologize to you AMC fans that Dixie won’t be returning anytime soon, but it wasn’t in my control. If they don’t ask, I can’t answer! I’m very excited about the new Rosanna and I hope you will find it as much fun as I do!"

"Somebody asked me if it’s hard to kiss other dudes on TV when you’ve got one at home, and the answer is yes and no. If you can’t bear the sight, smell or acting of your partner, it’s hard. If you think he’s a tasty cupcake, it’s hard, too! If you have a nice friendship and it’s all just silly and ridiculous, you do a shot of tequila, shake hands, and get it on. That’s how it was with Thorsten and me. We were just such good buds, and he was a tasty cupcake, but a more devoted to his family cupcake I have not met, plus I was devoted as well, so we were always just friends, and when it came time for a love scene, I can’t think of which one of us was more embarrassed."

Former soap director working with EKU students

Emmy Award-winning producer, director and writer George Taweel (THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, LOVE OF LIFE) will spend two days on the Eastern Kentucky University campus, working with electronic media and film students, and make a public lecture/video presentation.

Ron Silver dies at 62
Actor Ron Silver died this morning after a two-year battle with esophageal cancer. Silver, 62, had a long, distinguished career on stage, screen and television. One of his roles was Larry Goldman on the Fox primetime soap, SKIN, which aired on SOAPnet for a while.

SAG plays politics with peace
With SAG's TV/theatrical contract negotiations stuck in neutral, there is growing concern that the guild's leadership is preparing to coast until its next election cycle, which would keep the industry in a state of permanent uncertainty throughout the summer. Or, worse, fears are surfacing that a resolution could be years away.

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