Dustin Milligan Leaving 90210

Michael Ausiello is reporting that Dustin Milligan will not be returning to the role of Ethan on The CW's 90210 in the fall, at least not full-time.

Reps for The CW and producer Paramount declined comment, but a 90210 insider confirms that Milligan's contract option is not being picked up for next season. The source adds that the door is being left open for the actor to briefly appear in the fall to wrap up Ethan's story.

All indications are that Milligan's exit was strictly a creative decision. "Everyone loves Dustin," maintains the insider. "There was just a feeling that the character had run its course."

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  1. That is so B.S. Dustin's character as Ethan was the new age Dylan Mckay. I was very upset learning that he was leaving the show.