Super Bowl Predictions From The Stars... And Me

Super Bowl XLIII will kick off today in Tampa at 6:18pm ET between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals beat my Falcons in the first round of the playoffs which was surprising enough, but for them to be in the Super Bowl is downright shocking.

My pick: The Steelers defense will control the game and their offense will make some big plays and they will win 27-14.

I asked several current and former soap stars to weigh in on the big game and they were pretty evenly split. Here's what they had to say:

Jake Silbermann (Noah, AS THE WORLD TURNS): "I pick the Cards, at the very least to cover the spread." The Steelers are currently favored by 6.5 points.

Mark Pinter (Thomas, GENERAL HOSPITAL; ex-Grant, ANOTHER WORLD; ex-Brian, AS THE WORLD TURNS, et al): "I have to go with the Steelers...all the way, baby!"

Colleen Broomall (Kennedy, SCRIPTS & SCRUPLES; ex-Dani, AS THE WORLD TURNS): "I think the Cardinals will take it by three!! As a die-hard Jets fan, my hopes for the Super Bowl have been tarnished for some time now, but I predict the Cardinals will take it by a narrow margin!"

Laura Bonarrigo (Rebecca, ALL MY CHILDREN; ex-Cassie, ONE LIFE TO LIVE): "Steelers."

Christopher Knight (ex-Leigh, ANOTHER WORLD): "Arizona, 23-19. A banged-up Steelers team finds out the Cards are wolves in, well ... Cardinal costumes."

Billy Magnussen (Casey, AS THE WORLD TURNS): "Steelers."

Steve Schirripa (Leo, THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER): Arizona, 31-20. Arizona will win and be able to beat the blitz because of Warner's quick release and their talented wide receivers.

Anne Sayre (Teri, SCRIPTS & SCRUPLES; ex-Mitzi, AS THE WORLD TURNS): "Cardinals." But Sayre is more interested in the commercials. She is hosting her 11th annual Super Bowl commercials party today.

Karl Girolamo (Kevin, AS THE WORLD TURNS): "I want Arizona to win because the Steelers already won five super bowls."

Connie Britton (Tami, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS): "The Dillon Panthers!"

Not everyone is into the big game. A rep for one of my favorite actresses, Linda Dano, told me: "Football isn't her thing. She predicts that it's almost as much fun getting together with friends on a cold snowy day in Connecticut and having great food and wine. Her second choice would be curled up with Mo (her Lhasa) and watching a MONK marathon or old movies." I recommended Puppy Bowl V on Animal Planet today at 3pm ET.

When I asked the fabulous Catherine Hickland (Lindsay, ONE LIFE TO LIVE; ex-Julie, CAPITOL, et al) for her prediction, she replied: "Football?? Me?? LOLOLOL!" Her wonderful "Conscious Loving Radio" program will be airing a new episode during the game so if you're looking for alternative programming, check it out.


  1. Hi,

    I'm thinking Steelers by 7. Vegas looks to be about right on this one.




  4. sorry i typed that twice...

  5. Republican or Democrat, Steeler or Cardinal fan,Vegan or carnivore, now is the time to give our new President the remote control.

    Gimme some uh them chips, though.


  6. What 2 colors are the steelers?

  7. I for one could not care less about either team in the Super Bowl, so I'm playing super bowl drinking bingo. Cheers!

  8. Roger, you got the "27" part right!

  9. Patrick, into the 4th quarter it was looking like my score could potentially be exactly right. Then the Cards got a safety. At that point I was just rooting for the Steelers to pull it out.

  10. and jake was right about the cardinals covering the spread.