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INTERVIEW: DEGRASSI's Adam Ruggiero (Marco)
“I suspected certain casting directors would be weary of casting me because I did come out,” Ruggiero admitted to Nelson Branco for “But, for the most part, everyone has been fair. Just as much as there has been hesitation towards me, there have been a lot of gay roles, which increase with each year, and I’ve been asked to audition for them. Having said that, I don’t expect directors to think of me first when it comes to their masculine protagonist lead role on their project, either. I do believe art will prevail in the end, though.”

DEGRASSI's "Jimmy" on Santogold remix
Rapper Drake (real name Aubrey Graham), who may be better known for portraying Jimmy Brooks on TV's Degrassi: The Next Generation, appears on a new Santogold remix.

Drake raps on a remix of Santogold's "Unstoppable," which also features Lil Wayne. You can hear the remix here.

The actor-turned-rapper recently signed a deal with Interscope Records and is working on his Thank Me Later debut album, which will be released later this year.

EASTENDERS’ Samantha Janus to marry boyfriend of 10 years
Janus is reportedly set to marry her long-term boyfriend Mark Womack. The couple of ten years after said to be planning to wed in a small, private ceremony this spring - and want their children, eight year old Ben and three year old Lily-Rose to be part of the ceremony.

CORRIE and EASTENDERS criticized over smoking scenes
CORONATION STREET and EASTENDERS have been criticised for failing to show the consequences of smoking.

Anti-smoking campaigners Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) and The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation have claimed that heavy smokers like Weatherfield's Deirdre Barlow (Anne Kirkbride) and Walford's Dot Cotton (June Brown) are sending out the wrong messages to viewers.

ASH's Amanda Sandford has now called on both soaps to introduce lung cancer storylines in order to properly educate fans about the dangers of cigarettes.

"The level of smoking on-screen is a cause for serious concern and a message needs to be sent out to the younger audience regarding the consequences," Sandford told the Daily Star Sunday.

FNL's Taylor Kitsch actor pulling for his character
Riggins is a bad boy who, as he nears high-school graduation, is at a crossroads. He has the football skills to go way beyond his hometown. However, he doesn’t have the drive or maybe the commitment to do it.

“I’m hoping Tim will step up and be a leader. He has that in him,” Kitsch says. “I am excited over the opportunities of that. I am excited over what the future can hold.”

Check out the SoapsWEB Readers Poll
In 1970, Daytime TV magazine introduced the first regular reader's poll giving fans of daytime soap operas the ability to weigh in on who were their favorites. The Poll lasted for almost 3 decades and was a key demo in determining who and what was popular in the world of daytime soap operas. SoapsWEB is going retro and reviving that poll and calling the SoapsWEB Reader's Poll.

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