FLASHBACK: David Canary: A Big Break 1970

David Canary: A Big Break

The Washington Post
May 24, 1970

Actor David Canary's big break came during a college football game. His nose was broken, resulting in what Canary calls "a face that looks like a bowl of oatmeal thrown against a wall."

Canary credits that broken nose, plus a talent for singing, with helping him win the type of roles he likes best. His first television role, a six-month appearance on PEYTON PLACE - was followed by his portrayal of a tough gunfighter in Hombre, a film starring Paul Newman.

David Dortort, executive producer and mastermind of BONANZA, saw Canary in Hombre and offered him the role of Candy, the new ranchhand on the Ponderosa Ranch. Canary accepted. He's still there - broken nose and all.

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