Friday, January 9, 2009

SOAPnet Presents "We Hart Kendall!" Marathon

SOAPnet celebrates ALL MY CHILDREN's Kendall Hart with a special "Sugar-Free Valentines" programming event, "We Hart Kendall." This four-hour marathon, on February 7, shows viewers the many sides of Kendall: rebellious daughter of Erica Kane, loyal sister, generous friend, outrageous flirt and simply an all-around strong woman who's longing to be loved. We'll see her at her baddest and her best, and discover the many reasons why "We Hart Kendall!"

List of Episodes:

3PM – ALL MY CHILDREN Episode #2002-8254 (original air date 1/9/02) - Newly returned to town and clad in a towel, Kendall spars with her new neighbor, Ryan. Then, much to her delight, her mother Erica is carted off by the police for violating her bail zone when she comes to talk to Kendall.

4PM – ALL MY CHILDREN Episode #2003-8726 (original air date 11/14/03) – Bianca and Ryan are incredulous at Kendall's announcement that she's pregnant. Later, an emotional Kendall explains to Bianca why she's lying.

5PM – All My Children Episode #2005-9172 (original air date 8/15/05) – Kendall offers to be a surrogate for Greenlee.

6PM - All My Children Episode #2005-9256 (original air date 12/15/05) – Love and romance are in the air as Kendall and Zach prepare to divorce.


  1. You guys wanna tell us when this will be airing? I can only assume this it's scheduled for Valentine's Day, but posting the actual airdate, instead of leaving us guessing, would be helpful.

    Also, why no Sarah Michelle Gellar episodes? I'm not a Zendall (Kendall/Zach) fan, I loathe Rendall (Kendal/Ryan) and I despise so called Kenlee (Kendall/Greenlee) friendship, but since so much of Alicia tenure has been marred by her sad and pathetic interactions with Ryan and Greenlee, hence the reason two of the four are devoted to these two of these odious and destructive pairings, you should have gone back to the beginning.

    My affection for Kendall is not confined to Alicia. I was glad Kendall was returning not because of her ties to Erica and Bianca, but because the character, as played by SMG, kicked all kinds of bootie. Alicia made Kendall her own but she had a damn good foundation to start.

  2. My bad. I thought I had the date in the subject line. It's February 7th.

  3. Oh, and I do agree it would have been great to see SMG as Kendall since they were doing a Kendall marathon.

  4. Kendall's been written so horribly lately that I'm sure these older episodes will be like a breath of fresh air. I'm surprised, though, that they aren't showing the episode where Bianca and Kendall talked at the clinic about the question of Bianca aborting Michael Cambias's baby. Kendall offering to be Greenlee's surrogate is a poor substitute, particularly since Kendall and Greenlee's friendship has mostly consisted of Greenlee treating Kendall like a doormat. It rankles, is all I'm saying!

  5. Thanks for adding the date. I'd guessed all wrong.