Friday, January 23, 2009

FLASHBACK: Character Problem Bothers DAYS Actor 1993


By Nancy M. Reichardt
Los Angeles Times
July 18, 1993

It is no secret that Drake Hogestyn, who plays John Black on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, worries about his character's image. And for that reason, he is greatly concerned about the fact that John has already slept with two women, Marlena Brady (played by Deidre Hall) and Rebecca Morrison (played by Dani Minnick), since the death last year of his beloved Isabella (Staci Greason).

"I understand John sleeping with Marlena, because she is a former love," says Hogestyn. "That makes sense. But sleeping with Rebecca is something I just can't justify."

What about the possibility of John simply reaching out for someone as a means to deal with his grief? Hogestyn could have accepted that theory, if the story had been handled a tad differently.

"I think if the writers wanted John to do that, it would have been slightly under the influence of a bottle of Jack Daniels with some girl in the back of his Ford Explorer," suggests Hogestyn. "Then, there would be flashcuts of Marlena on his mind or Isabella on his mind or a cornucopia of thoughts hitting him as he's got this girl there. And then, before anything would happen, John would stop, because I don't believe John's core person would do something like that."


While we are talking about DAYS OF OUR LIVES, delete Ariana Chase and Richard Burgi from the soap. Both have been written out of the story line. Several weeks ago, Burgi's Phillip Collier returned to Hollywood to work on a film job he couldn't pass up. During the last week of June Kimberly joined Phillip, ending Chase's relatively short run in the role, which she took on after Patsy Pease left the show.


With a lot of teen-agers home during the summer months and watching the soaps, DAYS OF OUR LIVES is tackling the subject of the eating disorder bulimia. The story line involves Sami Brady, played by Alison Sweeney, who has become obsessed with losing weight in order to attract the romantic attention of Austin Reed, played by Patrick Muldoon. The story line will stress that the disorder is psychological.

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