Friday, December 5, 2008

SOD: Best & Worst of 2008; Leahey Speaks About Cover

The Dec. 16 issue of Soap Opera Digest features the Best and Worst of 2008. I will comment on some of those choices in another post. For now I want to share some of the answers I received from editorial director Lynn Leahey regarding the frequent Eric Braeden covers as of late and how the cover story is selected in general.

I specifically asked Leahey if there was some type of arrangement with Braeden or THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS for him to appear on the cover so often. She told me, "There is no agreement with CBS or Eric Braeden, or any show or any actor."

"We get sales figures for each issue, and this year Eric Braeden has sold very well for us, she added. "There have been years other shows have sold well above the average, and they have appeared on more covers. The enthusiasm for shows fluctuates, as I'm sure you know."

When asked how the cover is chose, Leahy replied, "If there is a big event coming up, like a big wedding or major character's death, we generally find out weeks in advance and book the cover. Otherwise, the decision is made closer to our press time, based on storylines/news that week."

I was curious about why some weeks subscribers received a different cover than newsstands. Leahey said, "Some shows are more popular with Digest subscribers than they are with newsstand readers, so we sometimes put those shows on subscriber covers to serve that need."

She went on to add, " remember that the cover story is
usually just three pages, the rest of the magazine is as balanced among the
shows as we can make it.

Thank you to Ms. Leahey for answering my questions. I was not expecting an answer so I appreciate the response. I will take you for your word when you say, "While Y&R remains strong, we are seeing a resurgence in popularity for other shows, too, and
look forward to showcasing them on future covers as well."

I look forward to that too.

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